workplace stress

How to cope with stress during the current crisis?

Stress Management Tips

The current situation has changed the way we all used to work. The new normal includes flexible working conditions including work from home, practicing social distancing, and keeping yourself safe and healthy. However, fear and anxiety about the crisis can …
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Tips to De-stress at work!

Work stress can be a killer. While we overthink about certain things, or in simpler words, if we are stressed, hormones like cortisol lead to increased heart rate, which is very dangerous in long term and may lead to hypertension. …
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7 Deadly Habits That Will Never Get You a Promotion

Do you often feel that a hidden force is holding you back from becoming a success in your career goal? Well, it is always easier to dream success following your footsteps, but it’s quite difficult to grab it. While you …
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11 Ways To Make Your Bad Job Better

Nearly everyone have had bad jobs. When unhappy at work; one feels sorry for oneself, helpless and distressed. Instead of just dragging yourself to work each day, you should be willing to make things better for you. Getting yourself a …
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5 Ways to Gather Constructive Feedback from Your Employees

The higher your position gets in an organization, less the chances are of receiving constructive feedback based on different parameters such as performance, ideas or strategy. Who wants to offend the boss? Employees do not realize that without their input, …
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5 Ways to Manage Disappointments in Your Career

More often employees face a tough situation wherein they believe that all their efforts are not paying rewards and they are stuck in a wrong career. They start questioning themselves, “Am I in a right career?” or “Is there any …
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