workplace stress

8 Ways to Keep Your Team Spirit High

Is your team experiencing a decrease in energy and excitement? Noticing more sighs and rolling eyes than usual? Is every task amongst your team becoming more sloppy than usual? If your answer is yes to any of the above stated …
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Stuck in the Wrong Career? Here is What You Need to Do?

  Realizing that you are stuck in a wrong career can be a tough pill to take. If you realize that you are stuck in a wrong job, the first few reactions might include panic, stress, desperation, demotivation and discouragement. …
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How to Manage Your Dysfunctional Team at Work?

Talking about a phenomenon most of us have seen/witnessed at work- having a bunch of people in a team who individually are quite efficient and competent in what they do, but seem to be in complete shambles while working together. …
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Looking for a New Job? Here is How to go about it!

A desire to fast track your career or simply a change for personal reasons, there comes a time when you start looking out for a job change. The reasons for job change can be a) stressed out with current work …
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11 Simple Tips to Improve Self Confidence at Work

Tips to Improve Self Confidence

Your self-confidence is most needed at your work place, to grow and become a part of the organization. But the irony is that it is the place where you are is the place where you have the minimum of it. …
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