5 Technical Skills and How to Add Them in a Resume

In the modern-day professional world, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for candidates who can start delivering results as soon as they join the company and achieve its goals.

Performing any job flawlessly and producing instant results depends on the skill set of a professional. Most new-age jobs require skills for using certain specific tools, hence these skills are called technical skills. While technical skills vary across industries, finding people with the right technical skills can definitely give companies the boost they crave for.

Before we talk about different technical skills, let us first understand–

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What are Technical Skills?

To put it simply, technical skill is the ability to carry out certain jobs. Also known as hard skills, technical skills can be associated with technical roles such as IT, engineering, finance, science, etc.

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Since technical skills are specific to jobs and industries, covering them all in just one article is not possible. Outlined below are the 5 most popular technical skills that employers look for in their candidates’ resumes:


Technical Skills For Resume – What Employers Look For?


1. Application Development & Programming

Most recruiters hiring for product-based companies, look for candidates with some coding and programming experience, even if the role not necessarily require these skills. Coding skills and knowledge of different programming languages makes one a strong candidate even for non-technical roles at product companies simply because these skills are crucial for understanding the nuances of a product better.


2. Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis is one of the most sought-after and valued technical skills for recruiters. It involves evaluating large sets of complex data to obtain crucial information which can be used by the organizations for retaining their market share or defining their competitive advantage. It can help companies assess their return on investments, identify its most valuable customers, as well as figure out the key organizational and strategic improvements that need to be made. Effective big data analysis can often result in increased sales, effective marketing operations, more revenue, and greater operational efficiency.

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3. Information Security

With everything going digital, protecting crucial organizational information has become an area of great concern for companies. Incidences of data breaches are on the rise causing an irreparable impact on companies resulting in losing customers. As a result, the demand for professionals possessing the technical skill of information security has gone up. These information security specialists help companies to identify gaps and weaknesses in the system as well as modify practices to reinforce the way in which organizational information is managed and protected.


4. Project Management

Project management is another technical skill crucial for executing and completing technical projects. It involves not just project management skills but also the knowledge of project management tools and techniques. Qualified project managers are capable of delivering projects more efficiently using resources effectively and assigning projects to the right people. Their skills can actually help organizations cut costs, resolve problems quickly, assess future possibilities, and improve the overall environment at the workplace.


5. Social Media

Knowledge of using all major social media platforms is crucial, especially for those looking for a job in digital marketing or media & journalism. By knowledge, we don’t simply mean knowing how to use social platforms but having an in-depth understanding of the analytics and how audiences use each of these platforms.

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How to Add Technical Skills in a Resume?

To be able to showcase your technical skills in-person, you need to first secure a job interview with the company. For that, you need to add technical skills in your resume for it to pass through the Application Tracking Systems and reach the hands of the recruiters. Explained below are three effective ways for adding key technical skills in your resume:


Tip #1: Add dedicated technical skills sections to your resume. It will help you list all the skills crucial to the job role you are applying for easily and convincingly.

Tip #2: While writing about your previous professional experience, add keywords related to the technical skills you had applied for doing the job. Ensure you add the ones that are also relevant to the new job you are eyeing.

Tip #3: Another way of adding technical skills is to drop important keywords in the professional summary section at the beginning of the resume. This way you will address the recruiters concerns about your eligibility in the first few lines itself.

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Technical skills are crucial and highly valued by recruiters. Adding them to your skill set will only increase your chances of landing good offers from good companies.

All the best!


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