8 Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

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A well-drafted resume is not the only thing that gets you a lucrative job offer. Apart from writing an effective resume, one also needs to prepare for other possible stages of a job search process, such as a phone interview.

Here’s what you should know to prepare a phone interview.



Why is it Required?

Many a times, hiring managers prefer a phone interview first before calling the candidate. A telephone interview usually includes questions related to the candidate’s qualifications, work experience, skills and other details relevant to the job role.

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Tips to Ace a Phone Interview 

Mentioned below are the top 8 points to make candidates get the next round of job search process – the face-to-face interview.


  •   Don’t Take it too Casually

One of the common mistakes candidates make during a phone interview is approaching the situation in a more casual manner since it is not in person. However, this type of interview also requires you to behave professionally as in any face-to-face interview. Never make a mistake of treating this stage of your selection too casually and prepare well in advance.


  • Keep Backup Plans Ready

To avoid any disturbances in your conversation during the interviewer, it is advised to keep a backup plan for managing common problems such as signal problem, background noise, etc. Try to choose a quiet place with least possible distractions.

However, even if any such problem occurs and your call is interrupted, apologize to the interviewer and quickly ask to either call him back or repeat the question, if unclear. Meanwhile, make sure that you find another suitable place to continue your conversation.


  • Mock Phone Interviews Do Help

Particular skills such as fluency and confidence are vital to make your phone interview a success. Hence, practicing several mock interviews help you to work on your speech, confidence, and fluency. The simplest way to do this is by practicing with your friend or relatives. Record the complete session for self-analysis and with each practice session, you will find a lot of improvement.


  • Do Not Sound Scripted

Preparation is always recommended to ace your telephone interview, but at the same time, it is also important that you avoid sound scripted while answering the questions. No employer would want to shortlist a candidate who does not sound genuine and confident.

Hence, practice your answers but do not over prepare them. If you find certain important details difficult to remember, have those points handy, keep your voice enthusiastic and let the conversation flow naturally. You may also keep a hard copy of your resume for reference.


  • Speak Clearly and Slowly

An interview call usually makes people nervous resulting in speaking too quickly and randomly. Hence, to make the interviewer get the right message from you, it is vital that you maintain a clear accent and a right tone. Talking calmly reflects that you are confident and clear about your ideas. Avoid sounding arrogant, nervous, unsure or shy.


  • Research is Important

As research about the company details is vital before attending a face-to-face interview, it also plays a crucial role in a phone interview. Doing proper research about the company helps you to answer some important interview questions such as, “What do you know about the company?”, “Why do you want to work with us?”  etc. Moreover, the knowledge about the organization, industry and job role gives more clarity to you about your career growth in the company.


  • Be a Good Listener

Do not be in a hurry to speak as it reflects badly on your phone etiquette. Wait and let the interviewer finish the question first before answering and do not throw random answers. If required, you can take note of questions asked by him to answer them one by one. In a telephonic interview, a person has an opportunity to make a good impression on the interviewer mainly based on the entire conversation. Therefore, you should not commit any mistake that can cost you the job.


  • Close the Call on a Positive Note

Just as the opening of the interview call creates an impression, closing the conversation in a right manner is equally important. End the call on a positive note by thanking the interviewer for arranging the interview. Take the conversation forward by showing your interest in the job and inquire about the next step.

If you are applying for various jobs, you may get such interview phone calls anytime. So, start preparing now!


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Things to Remember:

–  Create a perfect environment, free from distractions.

–  Keep a pen and paper handy.

–  Keep a glass of water to avoid situations arising out of nervousness like dry mouth, cough, babbling, etc.

–  Keep a copy of your resume to remember important points.

–  Maintain a right volume when speaking- avoid being too loud or too low.

–  Close the call politely and say thanks to the interviewer.


Good Luck!

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