The Most In-Demand Jobs in UAE During Covid-19

Industries hiring in UAE during Covid-19
The economic impact of pandemic is global. The current crisis has triggered a scarcity of jobs across industries and hiring across experience levels has been impacted. However, there are still many sectors in actively hiring during this covid-19 pandemic.

We bring you a list of the most in-demand jobs in UAE during Covid -19.


1. Healthcare Specialists:

The current crisis has driven the demand for healthcare professionals across not only the Gulf but also the entire world. There has been a recent uptick in the demand of healthcare professionals including Registered Nurses, Internal Medicine Consultants, Healthcare Specialists, Emergency Doctors. They are certainly the warriors fighting against this deadly virus and saving lives.


2. Education and Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic took root, people are fast trying to reorient their lives indoors. They are looking for means to brush up their skills and domain knowledge, thereby pushing the demand for online courses. Given this huge clamor for upskilling and reskilling – ed-tech companies are eagerly looking forward to hiring teachers across subjects as well as tech experts to support emerging technologies like AI, ML and Data Science Jobs in UAE


3. Home Care Nurses

With the healthcare sector hiring more staff members to tide over the current crisis, another role that is seeing an increasing demand is home care nurses. They are required to administer medication to patients, observe their health conditions, and assist them.

From nursing at home to elderly care, physiotherapists, medical tests, and much more, home care nurses are largely required.


4. Technology Experts

More and more companies are now gearing up faster than ever to improve their online presence amid the current scenario. This has spiked a demand for high-end technology professionals with the expertise to help companies through digital transformation. This majorly involves ‘work from home’ jobs and requires the experts to work remotely. These roles include professionals like IT Administrators, Software Developers, Application Specialists, Project Managers, and many more.


5. Home Services

Home service industry also appears to have come back in demand post ‘stay at home’ restrictions. People are looking forward to hiring for deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitization services, across homes and offices. Demand for warehouse helpers and people who can support logistics is also going up.


6. Financial Services

With the current crisis resulting into limited cash flow, companies are looking for credit controllers to manage finances and experts for financial planning and analysis for effective decision-making.

From investment analyst, system administrator to sales officers and finance consultants, the battle for the best talent across the banking and finance industry wages.

The above industries are fast embracing agility, digital, and a work-from-home culture, and are continuously hiring talent. We encourage you to not to miss any opportunity and make the most of this time to step up for your future. Look out for jobs relevant to your domain, upskill yourself and stay motivated.

Naukrigulf wishes you very best for all your future endeavors.

#StaySafe #StayHealthy

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