“Things are turning for the better in the Gulf region thanks to large vaccination initiatives.”- Sharad Sindhwani-Senior Vice President-Naukrigulf

Sharad Sindhwani – Senior Vice President – Naukrigulf

Heading one of the most successful jobsite of the Gulf region, Sharad Sindhwani, Senior Vice-President – Naukrigulf speaks to us about his professional journey, hobbies and advice in Covid-19 times. Here’s what he had to say:

Please share your professional journey with us and how did you reach where you are.

Out of my 20-year career, the last 15 years have mostly gone into building Naukrigulf. I hope the jobsite has been successful in helping career progression of many professionals in the region and helped companies find the right talent in the most efficient way.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on e-commerce in its very early days (2004-06).

My professional career actually started with a pharmaceutical company which today is helping produce Covid-19 vaccines. Back then it was the bulk provider of polio vaccines. Interestingly, my online career began here – I was in-charge of ‘system implementation’ where a lot of our work & reporting was being moved online. During those times, this was considered ‘state-of-the art’

Which aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy Product Management the most. It allows one to bring a lot of value to the company & the customers. Product Management is a strategic role and most of the other functions actually revolve around it. It’s an enormous responsibility too!

What is the best part about working in your company?

Our company is very people oriented and makes a great place to work. Most importantly it allows an intrapreneurship culture – it’s almost like running your own set-up inside the company. This is what I like the most.

What is your favorite way to de-stress after a long day at work?

Different things on different days – if I have energy then going for a swim is very relaxing. Else sitting down with a beverage & music in the background is a great way to unwind. Sometimes I watch a movie to de-stress.

Please share your favorite books or authors with our audience.

I was very fond of thrillers and my favorite authors included Frederick Forsyth, James Hadley Chase and Robert Ludlum. In the non-fictional category, I recently read ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Maxwell Waltz which I found to be very insightful and would recommend to everyone.

Do you live by any particular motto?

Yes – ‘I’d rather regret doing something than not doing something’ – James Hetfield

What advice would you like to give to the jobseekers who are struggling to find a job during the times of COVID-19?

It has been a tough time, more so for some sectors that are directly impacted. If you currently do not have a job in hand, you’ll need patience as the job market is not what it used to be. If your job hunt is taking longer than usual, please don’t lose heart & confidence – it’s very important to maintain your confidence levels.

Try to find opportunities in sectors which are doing well. Continue learning to make your profile stronger. Be ready with an elevator pitch for the interviews and keep refining it as you go by – this can help you put up a good first impression!  Try to get feedback after interviews so that you know what worked and did not – keep improving on those areas. Don’t lose hope. Keep your expenses to the minimum so that there isn’t any added financial pressure taking a toll on your performance.

Some sectors are doing well; things are turning for the better in the Gulf region thanks to large vaccination initiatives. Hopefully more & more sectors will get back into their momentum.

Can you share a few tips with seekers on how to optimally use jobsites?

Add your key skills in the profile carefully with the right keywords – these are important and help your profile come up on relevant recruiter searches. Limit them to professional skills but try to use all variations & synonyms for adequate coverage.

Review your CV Headline – this is the first impression. It should be crisp and clear. Only a short phrase or upto 10 words.

Please ensure you have an original CV attached to your profile. Recruiters always need it to take the profile forward internally.

Having a professional profile photo helps a lot. Our data shows that profiles with photos get more clicks.

Ensure your contact details (email & phone number) are updated so that you don’t miss out on opportunities when recruiters try to reach you.

Stay active on the site. Keep applying to jobs that interest you. But avoid randomly applying to any openings that does not match your requirements or where you do not meet even the basic criteria.

You should also prepare well for the interview stages:

Get comfortable giving interviews over telephone and video calls using platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts. This is the new normal. Perform atleast one or two mock calls with friends to ensure all looks & sounds good (lighting, microphone, etc)

And once you get a chance for an interview, remember my earlier tip of keeping an elevator pitch ready. And keep refining it as you go along

Prepare to take recruiters & hiring managers through your professional journey in an interesting way (by highlighting your achievements and how you evolved)

Articulate your thoughts beforehand, if asked how you can add value to an organization

Best wishes to everyone for their next career move!


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