How to Stand Out at Your Current Job and Advance Your Career?


The internet is full of articles offering career advice to job seekers. But what about people who are not looking for a job change currently. There is not enough spoken about advancing one’s career while you are in the same job. It is often seen that after spending some years in an organization, employees start feeling that their career growth has stopped or they feel stuck in their jobs. There is nothing new left to learn and the scope for career development looks bleak. That’s when employees start looking for a new job. However, there are many people who want to advance their career without having to change their jobs.

Career advancement should not start and end with you joining a new job. It should be an objective that one strives towards achieving on a continuous basis. You must be thinking that it is impossible. It is very much possible. Outlined below are some ways to advance your career in your current job:

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1. Break out of your job rut:

After spending a considerably long amount of time in the same job, employees tend to become too comfortable and used to following a set routine. It is important for you to keep a check on this tendency. If you have been doing your tasks in a particular way, think of different ways of doing them. You might find a better way of doing the same work more efficiently and identify some tasks and processes that are unnecessary leaving you with more time to work on upscaling your skills. The change might take some time for you to adjust to, but it will be worth it as far as your career advancement is concerned.

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2. Build a solid relationship with your manager:

You may be working very hard, but sometimes that is not enough. In addition to hard work, it is equally important to form a solid bond with your manager too. That’s the key to getting ahead in your career. Observe your manager to understand his/her style of working and see how you can adopt the same. Seek his/her guidance on trivial matters and ask for feedback on a regular basis. Share if you have any new ideas. S/he will appreciate it. However, don’t restrict your communication to professional matters only. Have some informal and light conversations too. Get them to see your fun side as well.


3. Ask for challenging tasks:

Like we said earlier in this article, career advancement should be a continuous goal. The best way to achieve this is by asking your manager for challenging tasks. Working on trivial tasks will help you advance your career and create an opportunity for you to prove your capabilities. Your manager will appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone. In the course of working on your professional development, you will also become a valuable resource to your organization.

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4. Teamwork will take you places:

Being able to work in a team is one of the most important traits. It is also one of the toughest things for most employees as it involves working with people who share different ideologies. It takes some great interpersonal skills to get a group of people together, get them on the same page and get them to work as a single unit. It also requires you to appreciate your teammates every time any one of them does a great job. These qualities will help you form a great relationship with your peers as well as get you in the good books of your manager.


5. Get noticed at your workplace:

Sometimes it is difficult for employees to stand out and get noticed. This is especially true for those working in large organizations. Nothing ruins your chances of getting ahead in your career more than being invisible at your workplace. If you are not pushing to get recognized for your work, chances are your manager will start taking you for granted and choose somebody else over you and help him/her develop their skills.


6. Make your intentions clear:

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to ask for it. Tell your manager about your aspirations and ask for more responsibilities that help in your career advancement. If your manager is not aware of your intentions, s/he will not be able to provide you the platform to grow. That’s where the importance of having a solid bond comes into play.


Feeling stuck in a job is a situation nobody would like to be in. If you wish to advance your career while you are in the same job, follow the tips shared above. If you do so, there’s nothing that can stop you from taking your career to new heights.


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