Tips to De-stress at work!

Work stress can be a killer. While we overthink about certain things, or in simpler words, if we are stressed, hormones like cortisol lead to increased heart rate, which is very dangerous in long term and may lead to hypertension. You must know how to deal with stress and live in an environment that gives you freshness and stamina to do better at your work place. Here are some of the simplest ways by which you can de-stress and improve your productivity as well as work quality without changing your lifestyle much.


1. Work Smarter Not Harder

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have on your plate? Well, what you need is some time management techniques and a bit of planning to reduce work pressure and feel more controlled. You should plan and prioritize your daily tasks into manageable chunks, half your battle is won there and then. You will be surprised to see that you start feeling better now. Another major reason for stress is juggling too many things at a given point. So limit multi-tasking, it many a times reduces rational productivity, elevates mental fatigue and increases work stress.

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2. Take Breaks

People who take regular breaks from work are smarter, productive and more rational than those who don’t. Non-stop work marathons may hurt your efficiency. Instead, take frequently planned breaks during the day. Take a 5 minute pause every hour, go for a cup of coffee or just take a walk in open, you will fee rejuvenated and your mind decluttered.

A lot of employees take pride in skipping lunch, seeing it as a sign of their dedication or increased productivity. The reality is far from it! Lunch hour is when you most likely feel restless, snappy and in all probability hungry. And what you don’t see is the correlation between low blood sugar caused by severe hunger pangs and stress levels!


3. Unplug From Your Digital Life

Always try to look away from the computer every once in a while. Too often we don’t realize that our professional life takes a toll on our personal space. So when at home, switch off from work and commit to spend quality time with your family or friends. You can simply take up your hobby or interest maybe. Exercise also helps in combating work stress by creating a natural high which relieves tension, and instills cheerfulness and calmness.


4. Turn On Mood-Boosting Music

Create a good music playlist as per your taste and see what wonders it does. Good music immediately lifts up your mood and can do wonders for your spirit. So take out your headphones and soothe your mood. Go for calmer sounds if feeling tired.


5. Stop Aiming For Perfection

“Good enough is the new perfect.” – Becky Beaupre Gillespie

Perfection can be a yardstick to shoot for, but becomes damaging when it is the only benchmark accepted. Constant or daily effort to reach perfection is driven by feelings of inadequacy and low confidence. You cannot always be perfect. It is ok to commit mistakes and learn from them. Stop striving for perfection always. Those who constantly seek perfection are often worried about what others think of them.


6. Work on Your Work-Space

Your work space says a lot about you and can have a major effect on your daily routine and mood. Ensure that your desk area is clean and decorated as per your liking. Some companies often have a clear desk policy which means that you have to keep your desk clutter-free and there shouldn’t be anything on the desk which makes it look messy.

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De-stressing lies in very simple things which we often choose to ignore or simply, we forget. Remember, to be a successful professional, you need to be physically and mentally sound. Implement these ideas and you can avoid work stress in an interesting way.

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