7 Things You Should Know about Ensuring Success in a Job Interview

Ensuring Success in a Job Interview

While a CV is your first interaction with the employer, an interview is a chance to impress the employer, sell your skills and increase your possibility of getting hired. In fact, a successful interview is what you need to land a job offer. Therefore, taking out the proper time to understand how to prepare for a job interview can ensure your success. Here’s what you should know to ace a job interview and come out as a winner:


Tip #1: Conduct Research about the Company

Your interview preparation should always begin with gathering information about the company’s background, business areas, branch locations, culture, etc. Proper research is important to answer the basic interview questions such as “what do you know about us?” or “why do you want to work here?” Every employer expects the job applicant to know something about the company he/she is applying for. Also, knowing about the company helps the job seeker to understand how the company’s policies and culture will support his career plans. For this, you can visit the company’s official website or check its presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Tip #2: Prepare for Different Types of Interviews

Most employers nowadays conduct different types of interviews depending on the requirement, for instance, phone interview, walk in interview, video or Skype interview. Phone interviews are mostly considered as the first round of interview for screening the suitable candidates for a face-to-face job interview. On the other hand, video interviews are preferred by employers to save time in shortlisting candidates who are located out station. Once selected, these candidates can be called for another round of personal interview. As a job seeker, you should prepare well for any type of interview. Practice being a good listener and answer the questions accordingly.

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Tip #3: Practice, Practice, and Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect”, this saying goes well for job seekers also. Practicing mock interviews improves your self-confidence to answer some of the common interview questions. Therefore, practice several sessions of interviews with your friends or family members who are experienced and doing well in their careers. This helps you to get useful feedback to improve your preparation. When practicing, work on your body language, speech, and listening skills.


Tip #4: Choose a Right Outfit for the Interview

First impressions play a vital role in a job interview and how you dress up helps you create that professional impression. For men, a suit with a tie looks perfect, while women can choose to wear a formal suit or skirt. You should avoid wearing glittering jewelry or heavy makeup. Finally, make sure you wear stain-free and wrinkle-free clothes that fit you well.


Tip #5: Ask Questions

A successful interview is not just about hiring manager asking questions to find his potential employee. In fact, it is also about asking the employer some important questions relating to your role, company, career growth and various other things that can help you make the right career decision. Therefore, prepare not only to answer the common interview questions but also prepare to have a two-way conversation with the employer. Every employer wants the candidate to ask questions at the end of the interview. This is the time when you can clear all your doubts about the job offer. However, what you choose to ask should be relevant to the interview.


Tip #6: Maintain the Right Body Language

We all know that an excellent verbal communication plays a crucial role in a job interview. However, there is one more thing that is equally important in communicating the right message across the interviewer, i.e. body language. Maintaining an appropriate body language constitutes an important part of interview etiquettes and creates an impression on the interviewer. A right body language includes everything from how you walk, sit, your facial expressions and gestures.

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Tip #7: Follow Up

Once the interview is over, it is important to follow up with the hiring manager. The best way to do this is by sending a ‘Thank You’ letter to reiterate your interest. However, the way you follow up with the employer is also important as you should not look too desperate or annoying by reminding the hiring manager again and again.

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Other tips:

– Reach on time for the interview. It helps you to relax and avoid any last-minute preparation.

– Bring an extra copy of your resume in case you need it. You may also carry your work samples if the employer wants to see it.

– Turn off your phone before walking into the interview room.

– Try to remain as calm as possible throughout the interview.

– If you are not sure what has been asked, do not hesitate to ask for clarification as it is better than giving wrong answers.

– To avoid asking the same thing again and again, listen carefully and then provide an answer.

Good luck!

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FAQ’s to get success in a Job Interview

Q. How to research a company to prepare for a job interview?

A. Before going for a job interview, I always read about the company, its portfolio of products and services, revenue and the future plan. It is always good to go armed with such critical information and data points. Additionally, you should also know the management vision and try to map your role with it. This shows your genuine interest in working for that company and increases your chances of landing a job.

Q. What is the significance of a right body language during an interview?

A. Body language plays a significant role in all forms of communication and shows whether the person is confident or nervous. It consists of the right eye contact, hand movements, and posture. You should carry the right body language in your job interview to send off the right signals to the interviewer.

Q. What should I know before the interview?

A. Before any job interview, you must get a hang of the profile and the role they have for you. You must know the job responsibilities that you are expected to perform if they go ahead with your candidature. Furthermore, do your homework diligently. Know about the company’s products thoroughly and practice your interview technique.

Q. What questions should I ask during the interview?

A. Ask the interviewer about your career progression as in where you can see yourself 3 years down the line in their company. Know the department’s vision, the expectations they have from this role. Many candidates make a mistake of asking about the salary as the first question. This might show money as your biggest motivator. Let the interviewer give you that green signal and ask your salary expectations instead of you jumping at it first.

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