Tips to Get the Best Gulf Job Opportunities

Gulf Job Opportunities

The Gulf Countries offer some lucrative deals when it comes to employment opportunities. Expatriates can choose from a plethora of options. Read the following article to know, how to go about searching the best Gulf Jobs

The Gulf Countries offer some of the most lucrative job offers for expatriates. More so, large populations of these countries’ workforce comprise expatriates. So, if you are thinking of searching for a job in the Middle East, chances are that you might find something suitable for yourself. Some of the industries where one can find employment opportunities in the Middle East are oil and gas industry, hospitality industry, tourism industry, marketing and also healthcare. Other industries include IT and Telecom, Banking, and Finance.

But how does one go about applying for jobs in the Middle East and end up with the best Gulf Jobs. Among the major cities, Dubai attracts most expatriates. The job market of Dubai offers lucrative opportunities for all deserving candidates. The economic slump that had hit Dubai in the early years of 2000s has long subsided and today the city has a booming economy with investors across the globe investing in its prosperities.

Not only Dubai, but also other Gulf Countries require a work permit visa for nationals of other countries to work there. This can turn out to be the trickiest part. Companies in Gulf while offering you a job will also offer you a working permit visa in case you are applying from abroad.

Some of the useful tips to get Gulf Jobs are:

Updating Resume Online:

Uploading your resume online on trusted job-sites should be your first step. There are several websites that are exclusively dedicated to the world of employment for expatriates in the Gulf Countries. Make sure you include all the required details such as industries and your area of interest.

Online Profile: Just uploading resume will not help. In this era of digital media, it is essential to have a proper online profile. This will enable the employers to scan through the same and find you through the several search engines.

Put in some Market Research: Research is of significance. Rather this should be the first step. The Internet is the best possible option for the solution. Regularly check the Internet for this. Newspapers also advertise for jobs in the Gulf Countries. Follow them on a regular basis and keep applying for the respective jobs that suits your profile.

Networking: Networking is important for all, so do indulge in a proper networking that helps you learn more about the job scenario in the Middle East. This will also help and you may land up with international interview with company representatives in your country itself.

Follow Up: Just applying and waiting for to get the offer letter will not help. Following up is essential. Once in the city, do make it a point to follow-up with your prospective employers.

Then comes the work permit part; for example, Dubai mostly offers two types of visas – one is a visit visa while the other is work permit visa. Visit visas span for two or three months. It’s very important for job seekers to understand the market of Dubai and most importantly they should understand that only work permit visas can allow them to work. Make sure that you are not being bluffed as some companies make job offers even on a visit visa. This is not legal. Searching for job is still allowed on a visit visa, but for actual work purpose you would need a work permit.

While applying for jobs in the Middle East always keep these points in mind:

  • Never pay any company for visa charges
  • Never accept a visit visa in order to work in the Middle East
  • Always cross check company credentials
  • Do negotiate your salary and also ensure that visa charges are not deducted from your salary

Most importantly, be patient and persistent. You will definitely land up with your dream job in the Gulf Countries.

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