Tips for HR Managers: How to Identify a Fake CV


Has it ever happened to you? A candidate that seemed perfect in his / her CV turned out to be completely the opposite later. Fake CVs are one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and hiring managers. People lying in their CVs is a common thing as the competition is getting fierce with more candidates competing for a single job. There have been cases where candidates have successfully fooled the hiring managers into hiring them by making false claims. Such candidates turn out to be bad hires since they are incapable of delivering anything they claim in their CVs. On paying close attention, you will see right through all the lies that candidates make in their CVs and during the interview.

If you have just started out in this profession, here are some ways that will help you spot lies in the CV and save you from hiring a wrong candidate:


Watch out for the fake educational history

Some job seekers make up fake college degrees in their CVs to impress hiring managers. To avoid any problems to happen later, question candidates about their educational qualifications and judge their confidence levels and accuracy of answers at the time of interview. This will help you figure out whether the candidate is lying on the CV or not. However, you should also do a quick research on the educational institutions mentioned by the candidates by checking their websites. Also, it is perfectly okay to contact colleges or the universities to verify the information provided by a candidate.


Don’t be fooled by a great employment history

This is especially true in the case of IT industry where there are too many buzzwords associated with the names of the company. Most IT companies have words like ‘Tech’, ‘Infocom’, etc., so it is easier for some candidates to lie on CVs about work experience by making fictitious company names. Ask the candidates about the company s/he works at, including the office address, history, product and services it offers. Verify the information given by the candidate by checking the company website. This will reveal if there is anything doubtful about the candidate and save you from any kind of trouble later on.


Pay attention to the words used

A lot can be judged by the way a candidate talks during an interview. While it is natural for some candidates to be a little nervous, but not giving clear answers or anxiousness could mean something is not correct on their part. A genuine candidate would be able to explain about his profile and work responsibilities without any problem because s/he is doing the work every day. A candidate who is not genuine would use a fixed set of words to describe his / her job role or won’t be able to describe the job role in a clear manner.


Cross-question as much as you can

Don’t underestimate the power of cross-questioning. If you find a candidate who is not providing you with clear answers, ask him / her about real life situations at the office to judge the truth about the claims made in his / her CV. Some candidates also give fake references to land a job. Make sure to check the credibility of the references provided by the candidates by calling them and asking them questions about the candidate and the roles and responsibilities held by him / her.

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Social media can reveal loads about a candidate

The best way to judge a candidate is by checking his / her profiles on the social networking sites. A lot of recruiters and hiring managers are doing this for the purpose of background verification by comparing the information furnished by candidates in their CVs with the information given on their social media accounts. You can also check the social accounts of the references provided by the candidates to judge their credibility.

Organizations invest a huge amount of money on the recruitment process and hiring people. Thus, it is important they hire only genuine candidates to ensure reaping the maximum return on their investment. In addition to following the above-mentioned steps, it is important that organizations hire a dedicated agency to perform comprehensive background checks on prospective employees. Doing so will protect your organization from the risk of hiring a fake employee.

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