How to Manage Your Dysfunctional Team at Work?

manage dysfunctional team at work

Talking about a phenomenon most of us have seen/witnessed at work- having a bunch of people in a team who individually are quite efficient and competent in what they do, but seem to be in complete shambles while working together. Comprehending with the same, one might talk about various sports teams, dance groups and what not, but they often forget the most common of examples.

Workplace dysfunction might be really funny to watch, but it’s quite a serious business on the other side nevertheless.

What is the prime reason behind it? Well, you might haven’t thought about it, a dysfunctional team is one of the prime reasons for staggering numbers, dipping profits and an low employee-morale in your organization.

Importantly, is there a secret to fix this problem?

Well, the section below talks in the same regard and presents a set of possible amends you can make to salvage the case.


Tap the Right Nerves: Understand their Aspirations

Rightly said, well-begun is half done and so is the case over here. You need to begin with making the right tap and knowing the motives and sources of inspiration for your employees and other team mates. We might group troublesome employees under the category of ‘difficult people’, but it needn’t be that blunt. A person who seems strangled in difficulties might just be a chap you couldn’t take out the time to understand.

Being a responsible manager, you should always try to push the limits and know beyond the obvious. Make an effort to know the real side of the story. One-to-one meetings are often workable in such situations. Try and know if there’s any family issue that hinders their professional growth. Once you know the cause, there are several solutions from locating a counselor to motivating them through perks that make the right fit.


Take Control and Define Duties

The most essential of factors you need to consider is the kind of approach taken while tackling the problem. Staying in control is a non-negotiable which will propel you through every problematic case with the team.

manage dysfunctional team


Make sure that every person in the team knows his role and isn’t making an attempt to form hurdles in others’ professional growth. Goes without saying that confusion in work pertaining duties leads to ugly work disputes pulling down the whole growth rate whatsoever. Adding to the same, it can also leave a number of critical tasks unfinished for you to fret later.

Craft deliverables, assign targets, build small teams and make roles interchangeable. These things sure do turn tables if not anything else!


Lookout for Patterns and Spot Allies

Studying it a tad thoroughly, you will definitely find a pattern to employee behavior and the discrepancies that happen at work. This can certainly give you an edge once you get familiar with the inconsistencies and start taking steps to rectify the same. Now that you know the kinds of issues that will cause a rift in the team and pull down productivity levels, you always have a competitive advantage. Not only this, but you can navigate the whole situation in a positive and effective way to make the deal.

An efficient way of doing the same is knowing and enlisting the allies who can prove to be major helping hand during the whole process. Find workers you can commiserate with, form a small team and brainstorm over the smartest of ways to get a unified effort from all workers. Whatever you do, try and stay under the radar to avoid any complications in the plan.  


Traction Pays-Off As Well

What do you do while promoting a campaign through marketing?

You promote a message and make it viral for your target audience to get it. Likewise, in the modern corporate arena, marketing has flown across the confines amongst the consumers to enter the companies’ internal space as well.

A small business owner expects his marketing efforts to pay off and gain traction in a time efficient way. Similarly, every time you do not allow any undesirable behavior to go unchecked, a new standard for code of conduct gets set and any dysfunction gets eroded from its roots.

As a leader you need to build terms and check for the implementation as it stands. This way, operations stay organized and workers know the space they shouldn’t enter.


Encourage Employees to Communicate Openly

It might seem generic, but most employees lose their interest to work with the company, the moment they start leaving their grievances unasked and hence unanswered. It’s important for you to realize that all in the team should inculcate a habit to communicate openly, rather than making a fuss about it at your back.

This way you make yourself highly receptive to opinions and feedback, something all team-mates will appreciate in the long run.

You are on your way to build a team that stays sturdy and formidable, even in the most unfavorable of situations. All that’s required is adherence to the basics and rest falls in place by itself.

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