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revamp your cv

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We are very particular about the way we dress and present ourselves in a social setting. In our professional lives, that becomes even more important especially when you are hunting for a job. While it is true that everybody wants to put their best foot forward, many restrict it to their appearance and conduct only. Sure, first impressions are important but have you ever thought what are these first impressions based on? Your CV!

Your CV is the first point of contact with your potential employers. Yet they are the most neglected by candidates looking for a job. Updating one’s CV is a pain for many, but don’t forget that there’s no gain without some pain. Nobody wants to settle for less, especially your potential employer.

So, here are a few tips that will help you revamp your CV into a superb new CV that will make you stand out in the crowd.


1.  Make Updating Your CV a Regular Habit:


Most people update their CV only when they have to search for a job and even that includes adding information only about the last employer. The problem with this approach is that you may miss out on a lot of things that you may have been involved in while working with your last/current employer. That may certainly not prove to be a good thing for you. It is quite possible that during your previous employment you may have been a part of some special trainings or conferences but you forget about them. Doing everything last minute may result in you missing out on important things to add.


2.  Keep it Short and Sweet:


While the previous points stresses upon the importance of updating information about additional skills and responsibilities, it doesn’t mean you go on writing pages about them. It can be tempting but practically not feasible. Shortlist the stuff you think are the most crucial to add in your CV which you think can help you stand out from the crowd. Talk more about the roles and responsibilities you are handling at your current employer. No need to add your hobbies until and unless it is related to your field of work. Even things like college internships or work experience not related to your current field of work can be missed.


3.  Add Your Accomplishments:


Talking about roles and responsibilities is one thing but how good are you at them makes all the difference. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to give your employer the reasons to notice you. Always make it a point to add what you have accomplished in your current role. For example, sales people can talk about their targets or your involvement in building a new team may be by interviewing candidates or training new team mates, etc.


4.  Change the Format:


People remember and appreciate more only those things which are visually attractive. That’s true in case of a CV too. Now we are not saying that you add on as many colors and other visual elements to your CV. Your CV needs to look professional yet not boring at the same time. There are plenty of CV formats available online. You can choose the one that adds personality to your CV. Following this tip will definitely land you more viewership from hiring managers.


5.  Make Your CV Fit for the Virtual Space:


It is a good idea to prepare two separate formats of your CV. Prepare a format for when you have to mail or upload your CV online ( most preferably  .doc or PDF format) and a different format for carrying a hardcopy at the time of the interview. Many people use a single format for both, softcopy and hardcopy. That’s not a good approach. If you observe closely, a normal format may look haphazard when uploaded on an online job search portal. Also, a certain font that you think is easy to read on a paper may not be pleasant to one’s eye when viewed on a computer screen. So, it is better that you have two different CV ready with yourself.


6. Review the Year to Add Important Developments in your CV


When you get slightly old in an organization and gain trust of your managers, chances are either you are delegated additional roles and responsibilities or you ask for it voluntarily. In any case, you are doing more than just what you were hired for. This is a good thing because employers take notice of such candidates. Now, just imagine the consequences, if you forget to add an additional skill or a responsibility that you handled at the previous company, and an employer or a hiring manager is looking for that exact thing but he/she can’t see it in your CV. You would miss a wonderful opportunity out of sheer negligence on your own part.


It often happens that while going through old photo albums you come across certain photographs of yours that force you to ask yourself the question, “What am I wearing and why am I wearing it?” Fashion changes rapidly and we make it a point to stay updated about the latest trends. We promise to ourselves that we won’t commit the same fashion mistakes ever again in our lives. Why not do the same with our CV? After all, CV do give hiring managers a peak into who we are and what we do and it is important that they get the most accurate picture.


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