How to Survive Job Cuts and Get Back on Your Feet?

Most countries from around the world are facing troubled times due to economic struggles. Things have been more difficult after the global recession. As a result, job cuts have become quite common and the UAE is not untouched by these tough times. Last year, numerous public sector organizations including names such as Etihad, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, National Petroleum Construction Company, etc. laid off the employees as a strategy to reduce cost.

The times are uncertain and job stability is a big question mark. No matter where you live, job cuts may take you down. Therefore, it is important to stay diligent and watch out for the signs which might indicate that layoffs are just around the corner.


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Here are a few tips on ‘how to survive a job loss’ to come out stronger:


1. Maintain a good relationship with the current employer:

It is obvious to feel disappointed and angry about being laid off from the job when it is not even your fault. However, ensure to act professionally with your boss. Once you are relieved from your services, you will have 30 days to look for a new job. Don’t waste this precious time feeling negative about your situation. Invest as much time as possible in finding a new job. Your good behavior at work might reward you as your boss may suggest your name for a new job role within the company or reach out to people within his/her network to help you find a job. That’s why it is important to never burn bridges with the current employer. You never know when you might need their help in the future.


2. Reach out to former employers:

If you have been asked to put down your papers, now is the best time to utilize your network. Reach out to your ex-colleagues and inform them about your situation. Even reach out to your former employer and ask whether they have a suitable position open or not. If you haven’t been networking till now, get started from today onwards. You never know where you might get to know about a job opportunity. However, don’t just rely on your network alone. Actively look for new opportunities on your own.


3. Focus on what’s in your control:

There are certain things which are beyond your control but some things might be in your control. An employer’s decision to dissolve your current role is beyond your will. However, it might be possible that the same employer may approach you to take up a new role in a different department. Now, that’s something you have total control over. Approach this new opportunity with an open mind. Saying yes to anything or everything may not be an ideal thing to do. Contemplate the pros and cons before taking a decision. Your reason for saying yes or no is of key importance here. You may take up the opportunity as a temporary option and look for suitable opportunities on the side. Or you may find that the role is genuinely good and may assist in your career growth. Whatever may be your decision, you must always look at the bigger picture.


4. Ask your employer to let you utilize the notice period:

If no internal position is being offered to you and your employer has officially informed you about the job cuts, it is time to have an open dialogue with your boss. Just reach out to your boss and convince him/her to pay you for an extended notice period/severance pay while you will be looking for a new job. Three months’ salary paid in lieu is a standard practice adopted by many companies. It will somewhat ease the pain of the job cut and give you some more time to search for a new job. However, be careful of the tone in which you talk. It is not your boss’s fault that the company decided to dissolve the role you were handling. Heated conversations will never work out in your favor. Be calm and state your reasons in a respectful manner. Your boss will definitely help you out in whatever way possible for him/her.


5. Keep your options open:

Maybe you never thought about moving to a different city or country for work but now is the time for you to consider this. Spread your wings and keep your options open. Don’t limit yourself to your current work location. Look for job opportunities in different locations in the UAE. You must even consider other GCC countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. Taking the geographical constraint out of the equation will double up the job opportunities available to you and finding a job will look much easier.


On the brighter side, as the country prepares to host the grand Dubai Expo 2020 event, new job opportunities are certain to come up and take some load off the job seekers’ minds. However, nobody is 100% safe from job cuts.  It is something that can happen to anybody living anywhere in the world. Sometimes it is about the financial condition of the organization and not necessarily about the economic conditions of the country in which that organization is. If you too are facing something similar, follow the tips shared above for surviving a layoff and get started with your job search.

All the best!


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