10 Employers in the GCC to Work for in 2016

The Gulf today stands with economic opportunities that come with increasingly lucrative returns on being unlocked. Yes, it’s indeed true!

Industry leaders and corporations from all across the globe have found efficient operational bases and the right market exposure to proliferate their business. What more do countries like Kuwait and the UAE need, who already enjoy soaring capital investments from funders. In addition to these, the non-oil growth countries like Qatar, Oman and Saudi enjoy have already rippled up the diversification, hence shaping up a non-oil reliant economy to benefit evert aspiring professional in this part of the world.

For you definitely must be wondering about all that you should do to score a job in the Gulf, here is the wish-list you can move forth with. Read on to find the 10 employers making incessant hires all across the Gulf.


1. Emirates Airline

Emirates AirlineSponsoring ample global events since the past one decade, this company is more of a life-line to the UAE’s economy. For sure it is one of the leading employers in the Gulf, with a global workforce of over 60,000 in the aviation industry. The company has been pushing every limit to become the employer of choice amongst the aspiring cabin-crew candidates in the region and around the world.

The world’s largest International airline, Emirates has operates in 6 continents and hires continually from over 160 nationalities in different divisions. The company has won more than 500 awards for excellence in the industry and is a market leader in providing services like flight catering, cargo, IT solutions, travel and travel and tourism.



safcoEstablished and based in Saudi Arabia, SAFCO (Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company) is a leading petrochemical company having operations in every GCC country nearly. A joint venture between the citizens and the Saudi regime, it has a current capital valuation of more than 880 million. Engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of fertilizers extensively, the company needs skilled workers to help it become the leading fertilizer company in the world.


3. General Electric

An American mulgeneral electrictinational, General Electric employs more than 4,100 workers all across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region. It is a digital industrial company that offers a broad spectrum of software operate machines and innovative solutions to a number of industries like healthcare, power and energy, oil and gas, retail, transportation and aviation.

GE is majorly known for the employee benefits and the string of incentives it offers that include healthcare, education and other entitlements that make it easy for all workers to take family related decisions easily.


4. Saudi Aramco

A company renowned all acrosaudi aramcoss the globe, Saudi Aramco is the largest oil producing corporations in the world. A state owned oil company in the Saudi Arabia, it is the world leader in hydrocarbon exploration, refining, production and distribution. Having crude oi reserves over 261.1 billion, the company is valuated over USD 1.25 trillion presently. Having a vision to be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020, it recruits qualified candidates having a pertinent work experience in the industry.


5. Aramex

Maintaining a convaramexenient stature as the Middle East’s largest courier and shipping company, Aramex holds a workforce of over 4,300 spread throughout the Gulf. The company provides a plethora of logistics and mail delivery services that are centrally controlled from its headquarters in Jordan.

During the past 2 years, it has gained immense prominence amongst job seekers, majorly due to numerous incentives and perks that vary from one location to another. Working with Aramex, you’ll be entitle to benefits like life insurance, company loans given on a personal basis and performance based annual bonuses.


6. National Bank of Kuwait

Founded in 1952, National nbkBank of Kuwait is a state owned institution, which is also the first shareholding company in the entire Gulf. It provides a wide variety of investment and other financial services to institutions clients, corporates and even individuals.              Having an ever expanding local and regional clientele in the field of finance and banking, the company has the largest overseas branch network spanning across all major business centers in the world.


7. National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

National Bank of Abu DhabiNBAD is one of the leading Emirati banks working in Abu Dhabi since 1968. The company has operational bases in Bahrain and Oman, where it has been employing qualified candidates flocking from all around the globe. Ranked as the top 50 safest banks on the globe back in 2009, it has played a crucial role in the finance sector growth happening across all seven emirates.

Apart from recruiting skilled professionals, the company also has two training and development centers to help candidates hone all field pertinent skills and work with optimal efficiency.


8. Ezdan Real Estate

Based in DohaEzdan Real Estate, Ezdan Real Estate is a listed Qatari corporation that provides products and services pertaining to real estate and construction. Part of the renowned Ezdan Holding, the company is currently valuated at USD 16.88 billion. Actively engaged in reals estate ownership, investment, trade activities and development, it has developed various villages and malls throughout the country.


9. Qatar National Bank

Goes without saying that it is Qatar National Bankthe largest lender bank in terms of market value in the entire Gulf. Qatar National Bank is a Qatar based institution working all across the globe in 3 continents majorly. Being the country’s first state-owned commercial bank, it has grown over the years to become one of the largest finance institutions around the world. Owned by Qatar Investment Authority and private sector jointly, QNB holds a brand valuation of more than USD 2.6 billion. Having an active community program, it recruits skilled and socially active candidates from various parts of the world.


10. Aluminium Bahrain

Considered as one of the largesaluminium bahraint Aluminium smelting companies in the world, Aluminium Bahrain has moved on with great technological strength and assistance to the Bahraini economy in terms of diversification in a non-oil sense. Commonly known as Alba, the company produces over 960,000 metric tonnes of Aluminium every year. Keen on stepping up its Bahrainisation drive, the company seeks to employ experienced and talented individuals with ample international work experience in the field of manufacturing.

Employers are numerous to find in the Gulf. However, keeping the right approach in head and being time efficient will only get you to these big shots. Good luck!

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