Top 10 Companies in Dubai in 2022

Top Ten Companies of Dubai
Dubai – the city of extremes in many ways is determined to stick to its cultural heritage. At the same time, it races into the era of the latest technologies to become an important part of the modern world. The city has much to offer to those who chose to work here and there is no dearth of good companies in Dubai. Many sectors offer incredible employment opportunities for job seekers in Dubai. Some of these prominent sectors are Real Estate and construction, banking & finance, oil & petroleum industry, tourism industry, etc.
Be it the homegrown companies, GCC-based companies, or the many international Companies in Dubai, there are certain names that most professionals aspire to be associated with. To understand this very sentiment, YouGov BrandIndex 2019 tracked over 600 brands in the UAE to ascertain the ones that enjoy the best reputation among employees as well as consumers. Here are the results:

Top 10 Companies in Dubai


1. Emirates 2. Apple 3. iPhone 4. Google 5. Samsung
6. Emaar 7. Dubai Mall 8. Samsung Galaxy 9. Almarai 10. Etihad Airways

#1. Emirates

Founded in the year 1985, Emirates is one of the pioneer aviation companies in the UAE. Considered one of the topmost companies in Dubai, Emirates which started with just two aircraft has expanded its fleet to over 265 aircraft and flies to more than 155 destinations in 80+ countries around the world. Over the years, it has also expanded its operations to various fields such as ground handling, cargo, catering, travel, holidays, frequent-flyer program, logistics, and more.

Looking at the survey results, it does not come as a surprise that many job seekers aspire to be associated with Emirates given the company’s long-standing history of excellence in the aviation industry. The Group offers a wide range of career opportunities for those who wish to be pilots to those interested in engineering, cabin crew, travel, or air services.

You can explore career opportunities at the Emirates Group here.

#2. Apple and #3. iPhone

Since the iPhone is one of the products under Apple, we will be talking only about the parent company i.e., Apple.

Founded in the year 1976, Apple Inc. can easily be considered among the top 10 American multinational companies in Dubai desired by job seekers, which is also evident from the YouGov BrandIndex survey results. The company has its branch office in Downtown Dubai and has numerous showrooms and outlets across the UAE offering numerous job opportunities for those interested in not just the retail sector but also in fields as diverse as marketing, corporate function, sales & business development, etc.

#4. Google

Founded in the year 1998, Google is the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Over the years, the search engine has grown popular rapidly over the years given the fact that it started with offering online search in just one language but has now grown to support a large number of languages from different parts of the world. One of the top MNC companies in Dubai, the search engine giant has drastically expanded its portfolio of products and services, which includes web-based products such as advertising services and communication & publishing tools. Given the huge and diversified scale of its operation, Google has opened career opportunities to not just professionals with an engineering background but also to those who come from fields as diverse as creative, marketing, legal, accounting, etc.

Google is an equal-opportunity workplace employing thousands of brilliant employees and offices across the globe and is known for its terrific pay packages and exceptional benefits. In the UAE, the company has its main location in Dubai’s popular Dubai Internet City area.

You can explore job opportunities at Google here.

#5. Samsung and #8. Samsung Galaxy

Since Samsung Galaxy is one of the brands under Samsung, we will be talking about only the parent company i.e., Samsung.

Founded in the year 1969, Samsung can be considered among the top 10 electronics manufacturing companies (having its presence) in the UAE.

The company’s key business areas include consumer electronics, IT & mobile communications, and device solutions. As an employer, Samsung is known for offering an amazing work environment, supporting its employees with their training needs, and providing them with opportunities to be a part of innovation that gives a sense that they are making a difference. This is also, why it does not come as a surprise that Samsung and Samsung Galaxy grabbed places in the BrandIndex 2019 survey’s top 10 companies in Dubai professionals would feel proud to be associated with.

#6. Emaar

Founded in the year 1997, Emaar can be considered among the big firms in Dubai catering to the real estate sector known for bringing some of the prominent master-planned communities to the city. The company’s competencies lie in properties, shopping malls & retail, and hospitality & leisure. With an aim to shape new lifestyles, the company is committed to designing excellence, building quality, and timely delivery. Some of the projects Emaar has worked on include the exemplary Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Mall. With such prominent projects in its kitty, naturally, the professionals would admire the company and aspire to be associated with it professionally.

The company has many offices in the city of Dubai, UAE. You can explore job opportunities at Emaar here.

#7. Dubai Mall

Founded in the year 2008, Dubai Mall is one of the most popular employers in Dubai among job seekers. One of the largest and most-visited malls in the world, the mall is the ultimate shopping and entertainment destination offering numerous job opportunities, especially to professionals in industries such as retail, food & beverages, etc.

#9. Almarai


Founded in the year 1977, Almarai is one of the most popular and big companies in Dubai’s food and beverages manufacturing sector. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, the company is known as one of the largest vertically integrated dairy companies in the world. Over the years, it has expanded its presence in the GCC and has opened its branch office in Dubai, UAE as well. With over 31,000 employees, Almarai believes in investing in its human capital by appreciating them for its hard work.

#10. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the biggest airlines headquartered in Abu Dhabi but also has offices in Dubai. Over the years, the airline has scaled itself into an international company catering to customers across the globe. As an employer, Etihad Airways is known for offering excellent growth and development opportunities to its employees. Other perks and benefits include recognition & rewards, competitive salaries, health insurance, and discounted flights & travel.

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