10 Most Popular Employers in Dubai

Popular Employers in Dubai

Dubai – the city of extremes in many ways is determined to stick to its cultural heritage. At the same time, it races into the era of latest technologies becoming an important part of the modern world. Dubai has much to offer to those who chose to work here.

As a job seeker, you have a number of sectors that generate employment for expatriates. Some of the sectors that create demand for professionals in the Emirate are:

–  Real Estate and Construction

–  Banking and Finance

–  Oil and Petroleum Industry

–  Tourism Industry


  • Top 10 Companies in Dubai

If you are willing to work in Dubai, here are some of the top companies you can look forward to working with:


  • Emaar Properties

Sector: Real Estate and Construction

One of the well-known real estate development/construction companies in the UAE as well as the world, Emaar Properties is a pioneer in master-planned communities in Dubai. Emaar was established in 1997 and is listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Emaar has known to transform the real estate sector of Dubai.

Emaar with a market capitalization of 15,770,154,092 US$ is one of the best employers in Dubai. With a constant belief in its employee, the company credits its employees for the success it has today.


  • Emirates National Bank of Dubai (NBD)

Sector: Banking and Finance

Emirates NBD is a leading banking group in Dubai that was formed in October 2007. Emirates NBD is a merger between the Emirates group and the National Bank of Dubai.

The bank is listed in the Dubai Financial Market and is the regional consolidation of the banking sector in the UAE. The group has operations in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. There are more than 9000 people across 70 nationalities working for the group.


  • Dubai Islamic Bank

Sector: Banking and Finance

A bank known to take the Islamic banking across the globe, Dubai Islamic bank is known to be champion in transparency and equality and everything that the bank does. Part of one of the fastest growing economic sectors, the bank has seen exceptional growth since its establishment in 1975.

With its growth, the bank has been able to maintain its identity as a customer-centered bank.


  • Dubai Refreshments

Sector: Consumer Staples

Dubai Refreshments, one of the top companies in the UAE, started as a limited liability company by the ruler of Dubai, Decree of His Highness. The company revised its status as a public company in the year 1994 and was appointed as the sole franchise of Pepsi Co. in Dubai in the year 1962. Dubai Refreshments has always been one of the Gulf’s leading beverage companies led by people of top caliber and have the right tools and systems.

DRC introduced Pepsi products in Dubai and has been doing the same for more than 50 years now. The company is a landmark in Dubai in a number of ways.


  • Marka Holdings

Sector: Consumer Staples

Marka holdings are the first publically traded retail operator that focuses exclusively on hospitality, sports, and fashion segments. The company was founded in the year 2014 and is listed on Dubai Financial Market. Marka Holdings is a world-class company with its headquarters in Dubai and has a mission to enhance the retail experience of the consumer through exciting brands in the sports, fashion, and hospitality sector.

As an employer, Marka has a lot to offer to job seekers. The company has made a name that is synonymous to growth, career development and performance incentives in Dubai. Being a part of an industry that is rapidly growing, Marka is a popular employer in Dubai.


  • Al-Mazaya Holding Company

Sector: Real Estate and Construction

Al-Mazaya is a real estate and construction company in Dubai. Headquartered in Kuwait, the company has its major presence in other GCC countries including Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar. Al-Mazaya is a public listed company on Kuwait Financial Market as well as the Dubai Financial Market.

The company provides a platform for those seeking to make a career in the real estate sector. The operations at Al-Mazaya include leasing and rent of health clubs, hotels, gardens, recreational parks, restaurants, residential complexes, and commercial complexes.


  • Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company (DNIR)

Sector: Insurance and Reinsurance

DNIR was established in the year 1991 and is the first insurance company to be listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The company has witnessed steady growth in both the verticals – written premium and net insurance income. The company strives hard to become one of the best insurers in the UAE.

DNIR is backed by some of the leading reinsurers of the world like SCOR, Swiss Re and SCOR. With more than 20 years of its operations in Dubai, the company has a team of motivated and experienced employees.


  • Al-Madina for Finance and Investment

Sector: Banks

Al-Madina for Finance and Investment was founded in 2005 and is listed on Kuwait’s Financial Market as well as the Dubai Financial Market. At present, the company is associated with direct investment and fund management, portfolio management, real estate management, and other financial services in Dubai.

Since its inception, the company has witnessed rapid growth in both revenue and assets. It is recognized as one of the leading investment firms in Kuwait and Dubai.


  • United Foods

Sector: Consumer Staples

One of the leading food companies in the UAE and the Middle East for more than 40 years, United Foods has the record of introducing something new. United Foods has a portfolio that includes a number of high profile consumer brands that are available across the globe.

United Foods is a public joint stock company listed on the Dubai Financial Market. With fully compliant and transparent practices, the company strives to expand its role to a wider community.


  • National Cement Company

Sector: Cement Manufacturing

Established under the guidance of late ruler His Highness Sheikh Rashid in 1968, National Cement Company has the vision to create new avenues for the cement industry using raw materials and local resources. The company was set up with an aim to produce base material (cement) to cater to the rising construction boom in the UAE and other Gulf regions.

The company today serves the GCC markets with a range of branded cement products. It annually produces more than 1.5 million tons of cement and is clearly one of the largest cement manufacturers in UAE.

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