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Want to improve your interview performance? Well, there is surely a way to do so when you are desperately looking out for a job switch. An impeccable resume can get you a call back from the hiring managers for an interview, but how you prepare for your job interview is the deciding factor for scoring a job. Hence, to help you ace your next job interview, we have covered helpful job interview tips in this article.

Nonetheless, as time changes, candidates also need to up their game and change their strategies during a job interview to be able to leave a lasting impression on the hiring managers. In this article, we will talk about those minute details which candidates often do not pay attention to.

Without further delay, here are some not-so-talked-about-yet-important job interview tips that can help you in landing your desired job.

Top 5 Job Interview Tips

1. Share what attracts you to the opportunity & why you are a perfect fit

One of the biggest worry hiring managers face is they wonder whether a candidate is genuinely interested in the job opportunity or not. Many times candidates are after a particular opportunity just because they want to change a job and do not have any other opportunity. This means that if given another opportunity they will definitely consider it, which means all the time and energy the hiring managers are investing, will go to waste. For this reason, hiring managers appreciates candidates who are genuinely interested in the opportunity. They prefer candidates who have thought through deeply about the job role and are not interviewing just because they do not have anything better at the moment.

Therefore, find opportunities to share what attracted you to apply for a particular job opportunity. You need to show that you are genuinely interested and will be there for the long haul. All you need to do is frame your answers properly by adding bits and pieces that exhibit the link between your experience/skills and the job requirements. Explain how you think you can add value to the organization as well as display your enthusiasm to experience everything that the role has to offer.

2. Look for opportunities to explain your work history

Your resume can tell the interviewers what you know and what skills you possess but it can hardly tell how you do things. Precisely for this reason, it is important that you tell crucial things regarding your work history. You can do so throughout the interview as it is easy to find opportunities for weaving stories from your real-life experiences while answering the interviewer’s questions.

Not only will this help the interviewers verify the information available with them via the resume it will also help them judge if your experience is as good as it sounds on the paper. If you can convince the interviewer regarding your capabilities, the job offer will follow next.

3. Do not hesitate to accept if you do not know an answer

Another top tip for job interviews is to never lose your calm. Candidates sometimes freak out when they do not know the answer to an interview question. This is common when asked a technical question. Although it is best to be aware of the latest news and developments in one’s industry, it is only human if you do not know much about a particular topic.

The important thing is to not get nervous and admit honestly that you do not know much about the thing you have been asked. Not knowing about something does not mean that you do not have the potential to learn about it. So, handle the situation gracefully and confidently.

4. It’s good to ask questions

This is one of the most important job interview tips. Conversations should always be two ways. While it is true that the purpose of a job interview is to help hiring managers judge a candidate’s capabilities and hence requires them to answer whatever they are asked. However, a job interview does not have to be dull and boring. You must try to involve the interviewer in the conversation, not with the intention of getting them to spill out what they want to hear but to make things interesting.

You must listen to the interviewer carefully and clear out any doubts you may have so that you can answer with clarity. Asking questions is another way of showing your genuine interest in the job opportunity.

5. Close on a positive note

We tend to remember the negatives more than the positives. It is just how the human brain works. Negative things tend to leave a lasting impact, which is again negative and will definitely not work in a candidate’s favor. This can be avoided by ending things on a positive note. One of the most common job interview tips you get to hear is to ask for feedback in case you are not selected for the job. Doing so will only show that you are not confident enough. You are not sure about the hiring manager’s end decision yet so you should not assume that you will not be selected.

Just stick to thanking the interviewer for taking out their time for considering you for the job opportunity. Express your enthusiasm towards the prospects of working for the company and tell the hiring managers that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Following these tips will help you answer more confidently and accurately in your job interview.

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