Top Skills Employers Want in College Graduates in 2018

With the New Year around the corner, every job seeker has new expectations from his/her job, be it new opportunities, salary hike, new responsibilities or career progression. The same goes for the employers who look for new skills in their existing as well as new employees soon joining their teams.

To prove your worth to the organization and convince the hiring manager for your candidature, it becomes a challenging task, especially for fresh college graduates. However, young minds should not lose hope. They should rather feel happy about the fact that they are the ones mostly considered for entry-level job openings. All you need to do is understand and match the expectation of the employers when it comes to skills they are looking for. Remember, mentioning the key competencies in your job application as well as during interviews can impress the hiring manager and help you get hired.

Although different job roles require different skill sets based on their respective technicalities; there are certain skills or soft skills that are seen as a “must-have” for any job role. You don’t need to gaze into the crystal ball to predict what employers look for in graduates before hiring them. Unfortunately, not every first-time job seeker feels prepared to take on this new challenge. Therefore, let’s get familiarize with the top skills employers want:


Communication Skills

Most of the employers expect their future employees to possess excellent communication skills, which include writing skills, effective listening, and verbal communication skills. For instance, if you wish to work in the UAE, excellent communication skills in Arabic and English play a crucial role in your selection.

In today’s Internet age, the young job seekers are much more casual about their writing style. Hence, hiring experts consider written communication skills important to select a candidate. No employer would prefer an employee who follows an informal style of writing official mails.

Tip: Say NO to casual writing style when writing a CV. Focus on writing a ‘flawless’ CV, while your verbal communication will be tested at the time of interview.


Quantitative and Analytical Skills

For managerial roles, the key to a good decision making is the ability to think critically and process data into the required information. Hence, analytical skill would be in demand in the employment market in 2018. The skill involves the ability to consider different options, understand the facts, make corrective recommendations, and find conclusions.

Tip: Pursuing courses in advance mathematics, statistics, and data interpretation can help to develop these skills.


Team Player

Can you perform and stand out in a team? The ability to work as a team player in a dynamic and competitive workplace highlights the much needed leadership skill. Playing a team player does not mean that it is all about commanding others. It is more about empowering them, collaborating, multi-tasking, and acting as a team towards achieving a common goal. If you possess this skill, you are surely going to beat the competition in the job market.

Tip: Demonstrate your skill by mentioning instances where you had managed a team project in your previous company. Focus on mentioning how your team successfully achieved the desired results and highlight your contribution.


Technical Skills

For a job in any field, technical skill is one of the most sought after skills required in various industries. Irrespective of your job role, a potential employee needs to display the specific skills and on-the-job experience to stay on the top of the recruiters’ list.

Tip: Pursuing an internship in your field is a proven way to demonstrate your experience and knowledge. Put details on the CV about the professional courses pursued by you.


Work Ethics

Employers want their new hires to possess strong work ethics. They simply cannot afford to add people in their team who are not professional, do not value deadlines, quality work, or hesitate to go the extra miles to achieving their career goals. Hiring managers want their employees to follow work ethics to meet the objectives of the company.

Tip: Job applicants can display this skill in various ways. Let your employer know about the projects you have completed. Also, explain how you managed to deliver it as per the company’s work ethics.


Planning and Organizational Skills

The ability to prioritize, organize, and plan work presents an employee with a clear focus. In a corporate scenario, where an employee is often expected to multi-task, these skills are mandatory in an employee.

Tip: To develop this skill, start setting up deadlines for yourself, avoid stress, refuse procrastination, and prioritize your work. Develop time management skills to stay organized in your work.


Interpersonal Skills

The ability to relate to co-workers and seniors is important to create a congenial work atmosphere. Several reports have proved that workplace conflicts have a negative impact on work productivity. Hence, employers prefer people who are more focused on maintaining a positive attitude and get along with the team than hiring a person who is rigid in relationship building.

Tip: Since an employee spends maximum hours at his workplace, it is imperative to develop interpersonal skills and work in a team. Anyone can develop this trait by focusing on positive things, interacting with people, helping them in their work, and improving communication skills.


So, it is the time to hone your skills and be ‘job-ready’ for 2018.

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