UAE’s Invitation to Engineers

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Have you been seeking an engineering job lately? Whether a citizen or not, UAE is looking for qualified engineers and technicians who can work in this region. The Arab country is facing a scarcity of adequately skilled and educated engineer workforce. The following article will highlight the current scenario of engineering jobs in the UAE and the rising demand for trained professionals in this industry.


The Summon of Engineering Sector

Engineering is among the key industries needed for a knowledge-based economy. Today, an increasing number of UAE nationals are being encouraged to venture into the field of engineering and technology as there is a need for qualified locals to fill the existing vacancies. Many employers feel that the biggest task for the manufacturing and technology companies is to find entry-level technicians and engineers.

Emerson, a global manufacturing and technology company, has nearly 130,000 employees around the world, mainly in divisions like plant optimization, process automation, climate control and telecommunications infrastructure. In the Middle East, there are over a thousand employees, out of which almost 20% are Arab. This Arab workforce majorly consists of Dubai-based employees. According to the corporate VP, HR at Emerson for India, the Middle East and Africa, William Kofahl, the biggest challenge for the Dubai office is to hire domestic talent for beginner positions in this industry. At the other end of the scale, companies also struggle to get highly experienced or specialized technologists from the local pool of talent.

Given an option, organizations based in Dubai would prefer to appoint locals for engineering jobs as they are well-versed with the market and can speak the local language. If that does not happen, the company looks beyond the boundaries of the city, and later country. This is where the opportunities for professionals from overseas are generated. As per a government report titled ‘The Higher Education Landscape in Dubai 2012,’ only around 9% of Dubai students were studying engineering in 2012.


The Aim To Hire Emirati Engineers

Government-owned Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has been hunting for local nationals who are fit for engineering and technical roles. The company currently has about 300-plus openings, more than half of which are for meant for engineers. It has over 6,000 staff members, of which nearly one-third are nationals. The objective of this national entity is to raise the number local employees to 36% by 2014. The Emiratis working in the company accounted for 22% in 2010.

There is a major demand for experienced and competent professionals with degrees in electronics, mechatronics and mechanics. To increase the availability of qualified nationals in this area, companies are helping educational institutes review their curricula to support the dynamic market. For instance Emerson has collaborated with local universities like Khalifa University of Science Technology & Research, the Adnoc Technical Institute and BITS Pilani Dubai to help devise syllabus according to market needs. It also provides equipment and software to the institutes.


The Role of Expat Engineers

When comparing engineering talent across global markets, there are several similarities between the emerging markets and UAE. So expat engineers can innovate, design and create products for the markets of the Middle East. A major chunk of the engineering brigade in UAE comes from other countries. Countries from Europe, CIS and emerging markets like India and Philippines see large volumes of engineers graduating every year. Those looking for greater exposure and more job opportunities move to the UAE for work. The Arab country too welcomes them with open arms due to its impending requirement for qualified engineers. There is a willingness and desire to learn among expat employees and they easily adjust to different cultures, making them an effective resource.

That is why organizations in need for skilled engineers look up to engineers with a global outlook, after Emiratis. The region offers a plethora of job opportunities for those aspiring to build a career in this field. So whether you are a UAE national or not, if you are searching for an engineering job, UAE is the place to be.

4.83 avg. rating (95% score) - 6 votes
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