“Utilize networking tools like social media platforms and job boards”- Hanin AbuNimeh-Head of Personnel- Al Jaber Engineering- Qatar

Hanin AbuNimeh-Head of Personnel- Al Jaber Engineering

In this interview with Naukrigulf, Ms. Hanin AbuNimeh, talks about her professional journey, employment during Covid-19 times, and a little about herself. Here’s what she had to share:

Please share your professional journey with us and how did you reach where you are.

I graduated from the American University in Beirut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and began working as a Customer Services Representative at the Qatar National Bank. This opportunity provided me with great exposure in terms of clientele and culture. With time, I realized that my tendency was towards working in the HR field as it is the core of any organization. HR handles employee concerns and deals with their requirements. Without the employee, the company would not exist.

I am where I am now because of hard work and persistence.

Which aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

The term “human resources” suggests you will be working with other humans. You should not pursue a career in HR without having a passion for working with others. The day-to-day duties of HR professionals constantly revolve around interacting with people. Whether it is conducting job interviews or assisting current employees with complaints or questions. If you thrive when working with others, you will have plenty of reasons to enjoy the job.  In this position, spotting and addressing a problem area is going to pay off. HR professionals are on the frontlines of employee problem solving. They have the opportunity to smooth out organizational kinks before they become company-wide knots.

What is the best part about working in your company?

I have experienced a wide array of work environments, ranging from awesome to awful. These experiences have taught me that the type of work environment I am in directly impacts both my personal and professional life.

When looking for a company to work for, it is not all about salary and vacation time anymore. A truly strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful. Instead of growing employees’ skills to match the company’s needs, great companies look for ways to grow the company based on employees’ passions. They continually ask employees what they are interested in doing and how they would like to see their career unfold.

Since we spend so much time with our co-workers, it is important to like and respect them. Working with people who are supportive and understanding fosters personal connections and professional growth. People inherently want to be challenged so they can continually grow and learn new skills. Great companies expect their employees to rise to challenges and be completely engaged.

What is your favorite way to de-stress after a long day at work?

I usually go home, and spend time with my three girls after a long day at work and cook them a nice meal.

Please share your favorite books or authors with our audience.

1984 by George Orwell

Do you live by any particular motto?

It always seems impossible until it is done. You can do it.

What advice would you like to give to the jobseekers who are struggling to find a job during the times of COVID-19?

First, discover which companies are hiring now. Utilize networking tools like social media platforms and job boards, taking note of which listings are current and which might be more than a few weeks old. Refresh your resume, or rewrite it entirely, to highlight digital and remote team skills. If you haven’t already, get familiar with new remote tools like Zoom and learn how to put your best foot forward. When companies are ready to hire, they might do so quickly, so being ready for everything from a video interview to working with or even managing a remote team for the first time will be critical. The key to success here is not to give up.

Any suggestions for jobsites to help them become more relevant in the post Covid -19 world?

Stay up-to-date and include online interviewing features.

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