How to Make an Impressive Video CV?


Video CVs are the latest trend in the job market, especially the creative fields such as designing, animation, social media, etc. Although a majority of job seekers stick to the traditional CV formats, many prefer to share Video CVs with the employers to stand out in the competitive job market. The new format not only helps job seekers make their job application more insightful but also a lot more attractive. Video CVs let job seekers exhibit their complete personality to the employers and present their skill set and experience in a totally new light. If done correctly, Video CVs can prove to be the best and most effective skill selling tactic ever known to job seekers.


Be it related to one’s industry or a job market in general, it is important to stay updated with new trends as professionals. There’s no harm in trying and testing new things as you will gain knowledge. Hence, job seekers must at least attempt to make a video CV once. Video CVs are a great way to showcase your presentation skills, which is very important especially for those working in sales, marketing, media, advertising, and PR fields. You never know, it might be the only thing you need to get your next big break. However, to create a lasting impression, it is important that you present an impactful video CV. Before you start rolling the camera, do keep in mind the video CV tips outlined below to make sure it doesn’t fail to impress the recruiters:

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1. Keep it relevant:

Most job seekers share a video CV with prospective employers, no matter how irrelevant it may be to their industry, just because they feel that no other job seeker would have dared to do so. However, it is advisable to shoot a video CV only when it would be relevant to the job you wish to apply for. As mentioned earlier, a video CV works best for those working in creative fields. A Civil Engineer sending a video CV to prospective employers will do more harm than serving the purpose as the employer might just not ‘get it’. Don’t use a video CV until and unless you can showcase your skills related to your field of work. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose.


2. Keep it short:

Just like the traditional CVs, Video CVs too need to be kept short and concise. While speaking, we don’t realize how quickly the time goes by. Therefore, keep a track of the time; else the video may fail to create the expected result. Also, the last thing you want to do is to disappoint the hiring manager with a long speech that fails to spike his interest in you. Remember, the length of your video should be between 60 and 90 seconds. So, start by preparing your script first and time it. Keep editing the script till it talks about everything including your name, educational background, previous work experience, skills, contact details, etc., all within the time limit of 60-90 seconds.


3. Get creative:

The whole point of a video CV is to offer the potential employer a greater insight about you and your background. Hence, simply reading aloud the content of your CV will not serve the purpose. It will waste your and the employer’s time. Try showcasing your skills in the way you prepare your script or shoot the video. Make it interesting yet stay professional. Produce and edit the video smartly but maintain a professional demeanor throughout the duration of your video. Dress appropriately and make sure the backdrop of the shooting place is neat and doesn’t take away the attention from you.


4. Shoot till you get it right:

Don’t settle for a bad video. Shoot till you get it right even if you have to prepare a new script altogether or change your surroundings. Your video should not have background noises or any other disturbances. Make sure you look your best and confident during the entire length of the video. If you feel embarrassed by what you have shot even for the slightest moment, don’t share it with the prospective employer. Redo the video till the time you feel completely satisfied with it.


5. Take feedback:

Once you are satisfied with the video, do get it checked from your friends. They will help in identifying mistakes which you may have missed while shooting the video. Moreover, having a third person’s critical review will help in making your video better than the original version.


Video CVs may give you an edge over others and help catch the hiring manager’s attention. However, keep in mind that it is not just about the picture/video quality but majorly about conveying what you can offer that impresses the hiring managers. Make sure to clearly state what value you will add by joining the employer’s team. In the end, only your efforts, creativity, and personality will woo the hiring managers. Therefore, make the most of it.


All the best!

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