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The UAE has a tropical and arid climate for about 8 months of the year. You will enjoy day after day of glorious sunshine and unbroken blue skies. You can plan a barbecue, camp in the desert or on the beach, meet in the parks, or at the beach club, all safe in the knowledge that it’ll not be rained off.

Temperatures are at their lowest December, January and February and then steadily climb. April is still ok but by May it’s getting hot and you spend less time outdoors. June is hot and hideously humid, July, August and September are hotter again and even more humid. Humidity levels can get unbearable reaching up to around 80-90% mid- summer.

In September the temperature does start to slowly drop, but it’s still very hot. October, you can enjoy the beach, avoiding the middle of the day, and November is perfect.

What to wear in the UAE

Though Dubai has no dress restrictions for women and the abaya is not compulsory, it is advisable to remember that this is an Islamic state and modest dress will be appreciated.

On the whole the Emirati population wears their traditional dress in public. For men this is the dishdash or khandura/gandura – a white full length shirt, which is worn with a white or red checked headdress, known as a gutra or keffiyeh.

The UAE traditional Keffiyeh is white and is held in place by the agal (for which the pluriel is aghals) which resembles a sort of black heavy duty hosepipe. The keffiyehs worn in the neighbouring countries are not necessarily white and each Bedouin tribe will have its own colours.

In public, the local women wear the black abaya – a long, loose black robe that covers their normal clothes – plus a headscarf called the sheyla. This traditional dress totally covers them up and this is what is considered appropriate within the Muslim culture.

Year-round, all you will need is summer clothing here, but you will probably want to have the occasional wrap or light weight jacket when going into air-conditioned restaurants and for cooler winter evenings

The rule of thumb is to cover your shoulders and your knees and with nothing too revealing or see- through whilst out in public. Malls have introduced a modesty code for shoppers but you will still see some too revealing outfits! It is respectful of the local culture to make an effort to cover up when out in public. When out for the evening anything goes although you may want to have a wrap to cover up en route and beach wear must only be worn on a beach or around a pool. It goes without saying topless sunbathing is not allowed!

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