How To Write a Professional CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

CV format for UAE

It usually takes only 6-10 seconds for a recruiter to scan a CV to decide whether a candidate is fit for a job or not. Therefore, you only have that much time to hook the prospective employers to your CV.

A CV or curriculum vitae is a platform where you can sell your skills, qualifications and experiences to the prospective employers. A CV is your personal billboard which must be comprehensive and eye-catching. It must give the recruiters an insight into your personality, skillset and experience.

Drafting a CV requires you to keep in mind not just the job profile you are applying for, but also the region in which the job is based. For example, if you are planning to apply for jobs in Dubai, the style, length and content of the CV will be a bit different from the usual CVs. To help employers sort CVs as per the job requirements, you can even mention your nationality, age and gender. Additionally, this will help you to create your CV as per the job requisites and only apply to the jobs which suit your requirements. There are a number of internet sources which can help you with the best CV format for UAE, find the one suitable for you and starting working on it.

Here are some of the tips for preparing a CV that leaves a lasting impression on the recruiters.

  • Keep it Concise and to the Point

No recruiter has the time to go through a 20 page long CV. So, your CV should not exceed beyond two pages. Even if you have an experience of more than 10 -15 years, you would need to keep it brief. It is a good idea to use conservative fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri, and a size between 10 pt. to 12 pt. Do not include any unnecessary information; keep the CV short, relevant and easy to read.


  • Add a Well-Written Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter is what you need for leaving an everlasting impact on the recruiter. Generic cover letters that just talk about ’who you are’ will be of no use. You need to tell why the company you are applying for caught your attention and why you want to work there. Next, you need to tell why you are a suitable candidate for a particular position.

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  • Add A Strong Profile Snapshot

Always include a profile section which highlights your key strengths, skills, experiences, and value proposition. You can also mention some additional skills on the CV, while summarizing your accomplishments/experience/ education/skills/knowledge, such as –

‎.  Adept at…

‎.  Experience in…

Key skills include…

Proven track record for…

‎.  Recognized for…

‎.  Strengths include…

An example of profile snapshot in a professional CV format

  • Describe Your Experience & Notable Contributions

While listing your education and work experience, always include your recent experience first. A brief about relevant experience and education is a must. Lying on a CV will be a very bad idea because most of the companies in Dubai perform a background check on their candidates. Avoid using standard templates from the internet and focus more on what a particular job requires.

Here is an example of a suitable CV format for a marketing position.

  • Create a Job Specific CV

Employers are interested in investing in resources that are worth their money, so create your CV in a way that it showcases your strengths to them. They will see if your experiences and skill sets match the job requirements. Be very specific about your relevant experience to win more brownie points. Provide your complete contact details, nationality, gender, and sometimes age too. Dubai recruiters also look out for a photograph of the candidate, so do include a recent photo of yourself in the CV. Here is a professional CV format showcasing work experience as per the employer’s requisite.



You can check the complete CV template here  –


A perfectly written CV can help you market yourself in the best possible way. Therefore, emphasize more on the skill set, promotions received and recent certifications earned, if any. In a nutshell, keeping your CV short, simple, and relevant to the job you are applying for is a must for impressing employers in Dubai.


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