Stuck in the Wrong Career? Here is What You Need to Do?

stuck in wrong job


Realizing that you are stuck in a wrong career can be a tough pill to take. If you realize that you are stuck in a wrong job, the first few reactions might include panic, stress, desperation, demotivation and discouragement. The thoughts revolve around the time wasted in the current job, in schools and colleges and hard work that you have put in all those years.

A lot of negativity. Right?

It does not need to be like that always. When you realize that you need a career change, you have to try and control the negative energy piling up all around you and try and look at the whole scenario in a different and a more positive way.

Avoid the following common reaction in order to make a successful transition from your present career to your next.


Avoid Jumping to the Worst Case

You have realized you are unhappy at work. You dread Monday’s and all you think about when at work is the time you will be going back to work makes you feel that you are unhappy at work and the next moment from a front office sales manager you want to become a chef.

It does not work like this. Sudden decisions, sudden changes and anything that is impulsive can again land you under similar circumstances. When you have to make a change, why not give it time and decide the direction you want to pick.

Instead of jumping to the worst case scenario, check yourself first.


Take a Step Back

Before you start planning your transition from a marketing professional to a chef, you should take some time out and think if the career you are at is troubling you because you do not like the work or is it just the work environment that is wanting you take a step back. There are chances that you might enjoy the work you are into and it is just the co-workers or the bossy bosses you cannot handle.

Also, it could be a point that you do not enjoy selling insurance but would not mind getting into another industry selling something that interests you.

So before you make the big decision of making the move, find out the exact reason for your disconnection with work. If it turns out to be something that can be fixed by changing the job environment, start searching a new job instead of jumping to career transition.


Do Not Doubt Yourself

If the above case is not you and you are unhappy with the work you are into and career change is your way out, first build your patience. The decision of changing careers can be completely overwhelming.

The feeling of everything till date have been a waste – all those college years, professional courses, hard-works, late nights at office. And with that you start doubting yourself. The confidence levels are all time low now and you might think you would not achieve success with a late start in your new career.


Pump Yourself Back

After all those thoughts making a space in your mind, it is time to give yourself the pep talk. Yes, changing careers is nerve-wracking, but is very much possible. Remind yourself daily it is very normal to change careers. There might be just a few with a perfectly linear career path. Now you are going to do something new that might be tough but you will love the rewards.

Give yourself a confidence booster and convince yourself till you are successfully able to do it.


The Fear of Going Back to School

When switching careers, the first thing that strikes the mind is that you will have to go back to school with all new subjects. The fear of going back to school can also cost a lot on your pocket and hence you might not want to do it.


What you can do instead?

Identify your transferable skills.

Switching careers does not mean that you got to start from the bottom. There was something that attracted towards your previous job. You might want to determine a new career path that aligns closely to your present skills and at the same time gives you job satisfaction which is currently missing.

By identifying transferable skills, you will be able to explain better to your future employers how you can bring value to the company without actually starting from the bottom.

Another alternative that you can take is taking short learning courses for a particular industry that you are targeting. Your professional value will rise with the addition of a learning course certificate.


To Conclude

The general themes behind every reaction are uncertainty, fear and doubt. But, the decision of switching a career should excite you. After all, it might be an opportunity where you can land to a career you absolutely love.

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