Why is a Cover Letter Important?

cover letter importance

Ruffling through a zillion webpages just so that you are well-prepared to present yourself in the job market, things are on the verge of reaching fatigue in different aspects. Right from the tried and tested conventional methods of job search, to shooting out plentiful mails to all prospective employers, efforts have already been numerous.

Still, the tide doesn’t seem like turning in your favor. What might have gone missing, possibly?

Talking about your resume, surely there’s been immense thought invested over the right hacks to produce an updated piece that vouches for your candidacy. However, one crucially important aspect to consider would be attaching a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter helps to break the ice with all prospective employers and always is usually give a first impression about your candidacy to your future recruiter.

Here are a few reasons you should always include a Cover Letter in your application.


Your Introduction to the Employer


Yes, this is the same purpose served by a professional summary in your resume. However, the same has been ditched by a number of professionals in the corporate arena today. What’s left is presenting you appropriately through a cover letter. In real terms, coming across a resume without having conducted any background research on a candidate creates great confusion for any hiring manager.

Attaching a cover letter with your resume helps you break the ice and present yourself as the right applicant for the position. Including all crucial elements in the body, you have all the space to elaborate on your work experience and field specific expertise with previous companies. It’s up to you to present such basic details with utmost creativity.


Bringing Your Resume in Sync with the Profile


Obviously, you know all details about the job profile and the right way to customize your resume according to the same. However, a cover letter would be a great alternative to bring the resume in perfect sync with the job role requirements.

Of course, the letter would include all the skills you’d bring to the workplace and all the major feats you’ve achieved as well. It can clearly demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the field on a broader basis. You can also mention all possible reasons that’ve enticed you to work for the organization, along with all positive aspects associated with it. You can also mention a brief section on the areas the company can improve upon, along with a few possible solutions in your mind.


Letting the Recruiter Know About Your Communication Skills


For you might be applying for a technical position and have ample skills to get short-listed, communication stands as a prime constraint considered by a number of hiring managers across the globe. Employers majorly base half their recruitment decisions over the communication prowess of a candidate. So what might be the best way to show off these skills?

Yes, a cover letter indeed!

Sending a cover letter gives the recruiter a clear picture regarding your communication abilities and the conviction with which you put forth your ideas. The writing skills here matter as much as the work experience on your resume. Make sure you have checked it sufficient number of times, before shooting out an error -laden letter.


A Subtle Way to Include your Salary and Relocation Information


The rule of thumb in all global job destinations would tell you to include the income details in the letter, only when the employer tells you to. However, mentioning the same in your resume is a big No-No!

It goes without saying that you would be relocating to a whole new place, if selected. Why not let the employer know about it beforehand and give him the space to make arrangements. Adding to the same, if the employer allows, do mention your present income and set the stage for a healthy negotiation to receive the right remuneration.

For the format of a desirable cover letter can always be modified according to the corporation, here’s a sample for you to build over.


Cover Letter Sample


65 ABC Building
LMN Street
Mr. Daniyal Abdullah
Dubai Manufacturing Company
Head Office
Abu Dhabi
Dear Mr. [Name]I was really excited on learning about the Project Engineer position available with your company and hope you will consider me for the same. My project management experience, previous track record and my recently Masters in Project Engineering vouch for my strong candidacy for this job role.

I recently completed Masters in Project Engineering and Product Development from Dubai University, with a distinction in my Majors. I was also an active participant in various students association and young business graduates association in the Dubai manufacturing sphere.

Although a recent post-graduate, I’ve completed my graduation in mechanical engineering from the US before. Moreover, I’ve put myself through these colleges by working on jobs like a trainee production engineer, a lathe machine operator and an assistant die operator, all of which enhanced my formal education in the field.

I have the field specific prowess, capabilities and skills required to embark on a successful career in project engineering and management. Being available at your convenience, it would really be great to have a discussion with you over the job role. This letter will be followed by a phone call to fix up a meeting time with you

Thanking you for your time and attention

Yours Sincerely,



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