Answering the Interview Question: “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Why do you want this job? During a job search process, you can face this interview question. Every interview question has a value attached to it. So when an interviewer asks you this question, they expect a logical answer.

In an interview the employer has some judgements attached to the questions. Hence, the answer you frame should be impressive, enticing and should make the employer believe that you are the right candidate.

So, how to answer the interview question – “why do you want this job?”

answer why do you want this job

Answering the Interview Question


Most job seekers tend not to prepare for common interview questions like this because they believe that these questions can be answered instantly. But, it is not this way. You need to be prepared for these questions as they have a judgmental value that can either get you the job or turn the tables other way for you.

You might also face this question in another form like “why do you want to work for us?” or “why this company?” More or less the answer pattern for the question remains similar and you can use it in whatever form suits you.


What Interviewer Want to Hear?


They want to hear your sales pitch. How you can sell yourself to the interviewer. Your sales pitch should give them reasons that make you a perfect fit. For example, here is a sales pitch for a sales job:

This roles wants someone who can fulfil the targets and increase the business of the organization. In my last organization I had over achieved my targets for four months in a row and multiplied the business three times by the end of the financial year. Prior to that I was associated with XYZ organization where I was promoted to deputy manager in the time span of 2 years.”

The interviewer wants to:

–  Know how this position fits in your career goals

–  Find out how well do you know about the company goals and stuff

–  Know your priorities and preferences

–  To know how excited are you for the job


Drafting the Perfect Answer


Your answer should give the employer a good reason to hire you. True, you need a job and that the post is perfect for your career. But, these reflect your interest in the job. When you are in an interview, your purpose should be to generate interest of the employer in you. The employer should see you as a perfect fit for the job role.


How to Go About It?


A good answer manages to sell the candidate while addressing what he/she likes about the job. When answering the question, take lead of your experience and explain why you fit in. Next, show how the role excites you and show some enthusiasm. Finally your answer should reflect that you can deliver immediate results.

The perfect answer should be drafted in three steps:

Step 1: Show Your Enthusiasm

This question is an excellent opportunity for you to show how happy you are to receive this opportunity. Talk about how excited you are to be a part of the organization. When you are preparing for an interview, make sure that you have done enough research about the company and are ready with facts and figures that expresses your interests in the organization.

Especially if you are interviewing for a smaller company, knowing a thing or two about the company is quite impressive for the employers.


Step 2: Make Sure You Have Your Skills Matching With the Role

Like said earlier, the employer wants to be sure that you a right candidate. Make sure that your answers show the employer that you fit for the job. You can either choose to focus on your experience (if you are switching job in the same industry) or focus on your skills (works best when you are switching jobs). Use job description to extract relevant skills and experience and use them in your answer.


Step 3: Show the Employer that the Role Fits in Your Career Goals

The employer wants to understand your career goals and hence wants to know how the current job would help you fulfil your career goal. In your answer, include a section where you talk about your career goals and how the position you are interviewing for help you achieve that. This makes the employer more confident about you as the role is fulfilling your career goals as well. This is the reason that the answer to this question includes a career goal part.



This interview question is like a check box question that majorly appears in front of the candidate. Hence, prepare for this question so that you can confidently appear for an interview. A well drafted question would talk about your personal interests balancing with why you fit in the role.


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