Work-from-home tips for working mothers

The Covid-19 crisis has made all of us adjust to new and unfamiliar conditions, especially the working parents who now have to navigate the changes to their usual routine as well as workflow. A majority of them are now working from home which also has its own set of benefits – you save on the daily commute, get more flexibility, manage kids with work along with different house chores. However, some kids can be extremely demanding. This puts extra pressure on the parents, especially mothers to take care of kids while meeting deadlines!

Does the situation sound familiar?

Here’s how working moms can balance the demands of work life and home life amid the current challenging times and stay productive.

Keep your children informed :

Educate your kids about the current pandemic and the new developments. Help them understand and follow the new normal. Amid the current crisis, even the kids need cooperation and support from the family. Talk to them about your work routine, the purpose of working, your expectations from them, and don’t forget to thank them to support you. This really works wonders with kids.

Engage kids in activities:

During such a time, when kids have got nowhere to go, you can try and engage them in certain indoor activities that cater to their interest. Try some art and craft activities, coloring, learning a new musical instrument, car playmats, camping within the house, and other things according to their age group. You can even engage them with some education apps or let them watch their favorite shows.

Reward good behavior:

Tell your kids that they can expect some nice surprises and rewards if they will display good behavior and follow instructions. The trick can work wonders with the kids. Usually, no kid turns down such lucrative offers and you can work peacefully.

Talk to your manager:

In case you have an infant to manage, you might want to arrange a set up in coordination with your manager. Set the right tone, some clear expectations, decide which responsibilities are non-negotiable and which are more flexible from the beginning. Also, don’t be unreasonable while putting across your requests.

Manage your health well:

The current crisis has made all of us well aware of the importance of being safe and healthy. Don’t neglect any health warning signs. Remember, your health matters the most than anything else. Hence, manage it well. Eat, Exercise, Sleep properly, and do take breaks while working. Don’t let your work pressures and deadlines take a toll on you. Your inner happiness and wellbeing reflects outside and can greatly impact your work. So do put your best foot forward, however, not at the cost of your health.

Plan your meals the night before:

Since you are currently juggling between work and home, you might be finding it difficult to cherish cooking and preparing meals. Well, planning comes really handy amid such a situation. Chop vegetables a night before as well as plan the menu so that such things do not disturb your productivity while doing the office work.

Keep the calm:

Don’t lose your cool even if you find yourself unable to cope up with your work demands. Stay calm and if needed seek help from your boss to help you manage work. Maintaining a normal routine will help you work from home and stay productive. It is better to focus on what is under your control and not wasting time and energy on what is not.
With these small yet effective work from home tips, you will feel much more comfortable while handling office and home.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

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