How to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out?

Who doesn’t want to impress a hiring manager even before the job interview? The good news is that a good cover letter can do that for you. Also, you don’t have to move mountains to perfect your cover letter. Our infographic highlights some simple and quick tips to help you create a great cover letter. Have a look:


Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out With These Easy Tips


Cover Letter Tips


1. Keep it Short & Simple: 

Don’t beat around the bush. Tell the employer why you think you are the best fit for the profile.


2. Identify the Correct Person:

Research Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out relevant employer to whom you can address the cover letter.


3. Personalize it:

Tailor your cover letter according to the job description posted by the employer.


4. Break it in Bullet Points: 

Break down your content into concise & easy to understand bullets


5. Use Action Verbs: 

Put keywords in your CV to pass through the ATS. Use action verbs to highlight your strengths.


Most people find writing a cover letter a difficult exercise and end up using a standard one for applying to every job that interests them. Many job seekers also have this misconception that hiring managers don’t read cover letters and hence don’t put any effort. The truth is that a cover letter has the power to make a deserving candidate stand out in the crowd and get him/her called for an interview.

All you need to do is to make yours as interesting as possible. Following the tips shared above will definitely help you perfect your cover letter.


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