Tips to Write an Effective Job Application

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Job Application Format

Writing a great job application is as important as drafting a perfect CV. When sent along with your CV, it can even land you a job interview with the employer, successfully. A CV lists facts and information about your skills, experience, and qualification. However, an application gives you the opportunity to tell the employer what makes you the right candidate for the job.


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Whether you send your application in a letter format or via an email, it is important to include your selling points to strengthen employer’s confidence in you. While drafting a perfect application letter may seem like a difficult task, it is not impossible if you follow the right approach.

This article touches upon the important aspects of ‘how to write an application letter’ to help you grab an interview for the job you have been eyeing. Read on.


How to begin?

Before you start writing your application, be absolutely clear about what you want to include in the letter by doing some groundwork beforehand. Your first step should be to read the job description carefully. Read it twice, thrice or even four times if you have to. Next, take a piece of paper and make two columns on it. In the first column, write down all the requirements of the job you wish to apply for. In the corresponding column, write down the skills you possess that support these individual job requirements.

By the time you are done with this exercise, you will have enough selling points to convince the employer of your mettle.


Important Components of a Job Application

Just like the CV, following a professional job application format is also important. Outlined below are the important components of an application letter format explained with examples:


  • – Contact Details:

If you are sending your application via post or physically dropping it at the company office, include your contact details followed by the employer’s contact details at the top.



[Your Full Name]

[Your Full Address]

[Your Phone No.]

[Your Email Address]


[Employer’s Full Name]

[Employer’s Address]

If you are sending the application via email, add your contact details in the signature section at the end of the letter.


  • – Heading:

Your application should start with a short yet strong headline stating your intention for writing the letter, clearly. When sending the application via email, substitute the heading with the subject line.


Heading/Subject: Job Application for the post of [Name of the position you are applying for] at [Company Name]


  • – Salutation:

Addressing your letter to the correct person is important. You will easily find the contact person’s name from the email ID of the sender of the job description email. If you cannot find the name, start your letter with a general salutation.


Dr. Mr/Ms. [Employer’s Last Name]/Hiring Manager,


  • – Body:

This is the most crucial component of your application. This is the section where your selling points will be added, for which you did so much of brainstorming and research during the first step mentioned in this article earlier.

To make sure you add the information in a logical manner, divide your letter into 3-4 paragraphs. Your first paragraph should include the reason for writing the letter followed by information mentioning the position for which you are applying for.

The following paragraph(s) should talk about what you can offer to the employer. Include the specific requirements mentioned in the job description and explain the skills and experience you possess that make you eligible for delivering the job perfectly. However, ensure that you don’t end writing paragraphs after paragraphs. To improve the readability of your application, break down the information into easy to understand bullet points.

In your concluding paragraph, thank the employer for reading your letter and express your interest in the job vacancy.



Dr. Mr/Ms. [Employer’s Last Name]/ Hiring Manager,

In response to your job posting on [Source Name], I wish to apply for the post of [Position Name] at [Company Name].

I completed my [Highest qualification] from [College/University name] in [Year] and have an experience of [No. of years] in the [Field of your work]. Currently, I am associated with [Your current company’s name] in the capacity of [Current designation]. My roles and responsibilities include:

– [Bullet 1]

– [Bullet 2]

– [Bullet 3]

– [Bullet 4]

During all these years, I have been consistent in delivering results in the projects allocated to me. I have also demonstrated my abilities as a team player and formed strong and lasting relationships with my co-workers as well as clients. I feel that my skill set and experience is a good match for your requirements and would like to further discuss the opportunity during an interview. If you feel the same, kindly reach out to me via phone or email.

Thank you for taking out time to read my application. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  • – Closing:

Choose a professional complimentary close to end your application letter with.




Best regards,

Best wishes,






  • – Signature:

As discussed in the first point, your signature while mailing the application letter should include your contact details, including full name, address, phone number, email address, and link to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile looks completely professional and remove anything that you think may give a wrong impression to the employer.

However, if you are sending via post, simply close your letter with your name as you have already included your contact details at the top.




[Your Name]

You can check a sample of job application here: How to Write a Winning Job Application


Following the steps and tips shared above will definitely help you draft your perfect application letter. To find more tips and tricks on application letters, CVs, and cover letters, visit this link:


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4.64 avg. rating (92% score) - 11 votes
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