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Founded in 1975 in Dammam, Al Jehat Company (JATCO) has spread its network in various countries including USA, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. With an aim to provide excellence in its services, the company has valued its client requirements with a proper utilization of industry expertise, resources, and other technological means.


Being a specialist in surveying and mapping, the organization has expanded over the years and focuses on delivering high technology products and services, including Information Technology, Training, and Specialist Manpower Services. In addition, the organization has impeccably offered services in oil, gas and petrochemical and companies in various verticals including commercial and financial sectors.


Al Jehat, has a mission to assist professionals in Saudi Arabia as a part of its initiative called the Saudization Program. The HR division of Al Jehat Training Institute has been providing training courses and on-the-job schemes. The company employs more than 250 Saudi nationals.

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