Media Jobs

Job Title Company Location
Social Media Moderator ElMotaheda Web Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Specialist Aseel Technology Solutions. Giza - Egypt
Social Media Specialist/ Customer Support Community Care Technologies, LLC Giza - Egypt
Junior Media Operations In Touch Holding s.a.l. Qatar - Qatar
Digital Media Specialist Eweev Beirut - Lebanon
Social Media Specialist Client of MCG Associates Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Social Media Account Executive Expertise Recruitment Beirut - Lebanon
Social Media Coordinator ACME Group Cairo - Egypt
Social Media specialist Client of Wuzzuf Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Specialist GlobalMedia Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Moderator New Age Tourism Cairo - Egypt
Media Content Distributor Ja-Square Leb SAL Beirut - Lebanon
Communication/Social Media Specialist ttree Beirut - Lebanon
Associate Director - Media & Digital (MaD), Kantar Insights, UAE Kantar Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Social Media Specialist o2proformance Giza - Egypt
Social Media Specialist Melouk Group Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Specialized citybookers Cairo - Egypt
Engineer Telecom Media, Government Power Distribution Co, Dubai Ambe International Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator ASM Group Cairo - Egypt
Graphic Designer & Social Media Supervisor Egypt Teda Egypt - Egypt
Social Media Moderator PL4D LLC Cairo - Egypt
social media designer Elakareya for development and investment Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Specialist Epic Systems Giza - Egypt
Junior Social Media Specialist Boxoit Cairo - Egypt
Social Media Executive careem Baghdad - Iraq

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Media Jobs

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