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Senior DA Accountant Najm for Insurance Services Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Chief Accountant Najm for Insurance Services Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
DA Accountant Najm for Insurance Services Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Risk Officer Najm for Insurance Services Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

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Established in the year 2007, Najm for Insurance Services Company has been providing extensive vehicle insurance related services to people and insurance companies alike. The company specializes in documenting and processing of all the accident related documents. With its head office in Saudi Arabia, the company provides its services all over the nation. The dedicated and timely services that Njam offers has made it the trusted partner of a number of recognized insurance brands of KSA. Some of those names are - Arabian Insurance Cooperative Company, Ace Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company, SANAD For Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Company, among various others.


Working with the vision to offer fair, prompt, and quality solutions and services to all motorists throughout the KSA, Najm offers a number of services, which includes Liability Determination, Policy Uploading, Claim Requisition, Accident Report Enquiry, and Other Corporate and Individual Services. The company follows the regulations set by the Ministry of Interior, the law of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi the Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), making it a trusted and disciplined brand.


To continue providing seamless service, the company is always on a lookout for people who wish to make their career in the insurance sector.

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