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The Dubai based Koohiji Group began operations in 1985 as a trading house, dealing in consumer electronics and communication products. Today the Group is a leading player with a diverse portfolio of products & services spanning telecommunications, office automation products, wireless communication products and value added services for Mobile phones.

Digital City
Koohiji Distribution is the authorized and exclusive Master Reseller for Apple iphone products for Du Telecom in the UAE. In addition to the distribution of Apple products , Koohiji Distribution has also been appointed as a Master Retailer for Du, offering SIM Cards and other products bundled with devices. We are also the exclusive distributor for Caterpillar mobile devices both across the UAE and in the surrounding GCC region. Koohiji Distribution is also engaged in providing Value Added Services such as Manufacturer Authorized Primary Warranty support, Extended Warranty Solutions, Device Trade-ins and Device Protection/Insurance plans. Strengthened by a dedicated workforce with expertise in Sales & Distribution, Customer service, Logistics and other Channel Marketing Solutions, the company specializes in serving all segments in the UAE including Key Retail, Independent Retail and Wholesale, thereby ensuring maximum coverage and growth for all partners in the value chain.

&African region. With a foresight to adapt and distribute newer technologies such as IPPBXs or virtual office solutions, and a value-added approach by offering training, installation and service back-up for our Value Added Resellers (VARs), Komtell today is the leading distributor of Panasonic telecom products in the region.

Komtell LLC
Globalnet is an authorized distributor for Motorola mobile phones and accessories for the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa & Turkey) region since 1997. Globalnet has been ranked amongst Motorola's top 10 distributors worldwide and has always been the largest distributor for Motorola in the region. The company has been at the forefront of promoting the Motorola brand for over a decade and has played a very active role in taking the brand to record levels of market share in the UAE. With a business standing of over a decade in the telecom industry, the Company has built long lasting relationships and an unmatched reputation with key retailers and operators in the region.

Royal Gulf
Technocare is an independent customer care organization primarily specialized in supporting warranty and RMA programs of global brands in the MEA region. With operations spanning over a decade, supporting vendors and their partners across the MEA region, Technocare is an award winning ISO 9000/14000 certified company backed by professionals with more than 25 years industry experience. Headquartered in Dubai, Technocare is driven by over 300 competent sales, marketing and service professionals experienced in delivering results using a sophisticated suite of technology solutions that provide real time information to all participants in the value chain. Technocare's home grown Prodigy software is a key enabler for all Koohiji Group companies, providing the platform to run everything from retail or operator based channel marketing solutions, to managing critical parts distribution for Vendor partners in over 23 countries in the region. Currently over 1,500 retail outlets, 20 Global manufacturers and 4 network operators use Technocare's solutions in the region.

Formed in 2008, Global Customer Care (or GCC) is one of the largest Reverse Logistics and Customer Care organizations for Nokia in the MEA region. The company strives to provide superior customer care services to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and drive customer loyalty. Using a customer centric approach while handling queries, complaints and claims of consumers, GCC is also focused on increasing the equity of the official Manufacturer Warranty for Nokia, thereby increasing brand value and promoting officially distributed products in the market. The company's reach is unparalleled, enabled by the Prodigy reverse logistics platform that connects to over 1000 retail and collection points. In addition to Customer Care, the company also layers additional services like the sales of Extended Warranties and sales of accessories through the same network, providing significant incremental value to Nokia and all channel partners alike.

i2 Telecom, a recent addition to the Koohiji Group, is a well established Nokia distributor in the MEA region. i2 is committed to supplying the highest quality products & providing the best-in-service experience to its customers. i2's product range is guaranteed to provide the ideal offering for every customer's requirement. The i2 team is driven first & foremost by the desire to serve every customer with the highest level of expertise, accessibility & product range. i2 is continuously evolving to ensure that we always bring you the latest in mobile handsets & services. With ambitious plans to penetrate the market with an innovative suite of solutions, i2 is well placed to enjoy significant growth and sustainability in the years to come.

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