Upload Photo - Guidelines and Terms of Service


1. Please upload only photographs in which the face of the jobseeker is clearly visible.

2. Please upload an individual photo, group photographs will get rejected during moderation.

3. Adding a childhood photograph or a blurred photograph shall also result in rejection by moderator.

4. Any inappropriate or obscene photograph shall be rejected by the moderator and appropriate action shall be taken against the jobseeker which might involve deletion of the user account without any notification

5. Uploading photographs of any famous personalities, actors etc shall also lead to rejection.

6. Any other inappropriate or junk content shall also be rejected at the discretion of our moderator.

Terms of Service 

1. The responsibility for accuracy and reliability of any information uploaded by a jobseeker including photographs lie solely with the uploader of the content. Naukrigulf.com shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided by a user. However, in case a user comes across fraudulent information of any kind on the website, users are requested to notify the website authorities about the same through the means provided.

2. Naukrigulf.com allows recruiters to download resume of jobseekers subject to jobseeker's prior consent and preferences. Naukrigulf.com shall not be held responsible for any dissemination of information including uploaded photograph outside its purview.