Petrofac International

Job Title Company Location
Lead Operator - DCS Commissioning Petrofac International Harweel - Oman
Senior Operator - Commissioning, DCS Petrofac International Johor - Malaysia
Lead Design Engineer - Electrical Petrofac International Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Senior Design Engineer – Electrical Petrofac International Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

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"A subsidiary of Petrofac, Petrofac International operates from three major bases within the Middle East. The company was established as producer of a modular plant and listed in the London Stock Exchange by 2005. One of the leading corporates dealing in petrochemicals worldwide Petrofac has more than 18000 employees worldwide. A track record tracing back to more than 32 years, the organization continues to grow at a rapid pace. From expanding worldwide and of course making profits – Petrofac has a long story to narrate. Committed to attracting and retaining the best of the professionals worldwide, Petrofac offers the best in terms of services that enable successful workflow. Petrofac abides by strict and clear values that stands up for Petrofac.


The organization has a strong operating base within the Middle East. From Qatar to Sharjah and now Abu Dhabi—the operating centres in the Middle East. Some of the services offered by Petrofac International include the following: Asset Management; conceptual engineering, field development, marine services, resourcing, process engineering, structural engineering, and wellproject management. Apart from these, the organization has been expanding at a rapid pace in offshore operations as well. With a presence in 29 countries, it goes without saying that the company offers ample job opportunities. From mechanical engineers to petroleum engineers—employment opportunities are a galore.

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