Tips To Land Your First Job

Landing to your first job can be frustrating. The pressure, the stress and the need to get selected might ruin your chances of getting there. Students or fresh graduates are often intimidated by even the thought of searching a job.

To successfully land to your first job you will have to put in all your efforts and make the right decision. To make the process of job search easier, you just have to be systematic and work towards it without any chaos. Here is how you should go about finding your first job:

Start With

To begin the job search process, you must assess your skills and find your dream job. Analyse if your skills are best suited for the job. Next, you should learn to sell yourself. Make the company believe that you are the best suitable candidate for the job that you are applying. And lastly, draft a resume that keeps you at an edge from others.

How to Asses Yourself?

The first step towards a successful job search is assessing yourself and getting to know yourself. For this you must:

–   Lead with your strengths
–   Do What makes you happy
–   Take the aptitude tests online

How to Sell Yourself

Selling yourself for a job is a technique by which the recruiters believe that you as an applicant are best suited for the job. To sell yourself for a job you should express yourself as:

–   A solution to their problems
–   Highlight your skills using sound bites
–   Display confidence in your body posture
–   Be specific about your point
–   Keep an optimistic view

Next, Make Your Resume Stand Out

The resume is one of the most important document of the entire job search process. To make a resume that stands out you should highlight your skills and use an appealing format.

Lastly, a strong network further helps you towards getting a job.

infographic how to get your first job


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