How to Write a Resume for a Banking and Finance Job?

Just as a well-stitched piece of clothing is fit to suit an individual, a well-tailored resume is always favorable to make the right fit for the job you desire. There are a multitude of elements that demand your attention, right from the formatting style and the number of sections, to the resume length that stands desirable.

With competition getting to cut-throat levels in banks and finance institutions around the globe, there is a dire need for you to go for a resume that brings a glint to the eye of every employer, right at the first instance.

A majority of companies have started going for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and resume filters, hence it’s not only machines you need to beat, but the junior recruiters who act as the second level filters as well.

Here are a few tips that will open up your mind and help you write an efficient and enticing resume for a banking or finance job.


  • Emphasize On Your Selling Skills and Social Abilities

If you choose to work with a bank, a regular interaction with customers and selling your services (loans and mortgages) from time-to-time is one of the prime duties at hand. For the latter, you require a specific approach to know which kind of customers require which type of customers need which services. Hence, putting accomplishments that hint towards these competencies will always get your resume noticed by several employers. Make sure the same is indicated, quite clearly!


  • Let them Know, You know how to grow

It might seem somewhat unconventional, but words like ‘widened’, ‘doubled’, ‘trebled’ and ‘exceeded’ will get the eyeballs of any employer who wishes to recruit in this industry. However, an important fact to notice is that each has to be accompanied with some tangible accomplishments, wherein your input drove the result in the company’s favor. For instance, things like ‘generated a revenue worth AED 700,000 through AXF deal’ will always put you in the shortlisted category. Not only this, you can also include personal achievements that come with numbers and facts. Consistent growth is all that matters!

resume format for banking-finance job

A sample resume for all aspiring bankers and finance professionals

  • The Structure of Your Resume Matters the Most

It is often said that an aspiring banker’s resume is less about the words and more about the structure put into it. It should be a collection of facts presented in the most strategic yet crisp way. Hence, choosing the facts you want to present and crisping them down to the most crucial of details is what stands imperative. The problem-action-result format is what makes the most appropriate fit in this case.

Highlight if you faced any challenges in your prior jobs or any in the field, for that matter of fact. This should also be followed by the steps you took to address the issue and any tangible result that can be gauged as one of your accomplishments.


  • Specify Attention to Detail

For as many finance roles you might have applied for, it is a fact that employers in this field crave for professionals who know the right hack to play with the details, along with a strong hold over analyzing different processes. The same has to be reflected through your resume.

In addition to the same, submitting yourself in favor of a rigorous schedule is another trait that’s desirable for all banking professionals, nearly. Demonstrate your roles in the past wherein you took charge to follow and excel in tedious roles, in a time efficient way.


  • Never Appear Passive

Well truth be told, playing wingman in this field is one of the biggest turn-offs breaking the deal for you in any situation. Using words like ‘worked alongside’ and ‘assisted’ would do you no good. It’s time you ditch the passive sense of presenting things and big up your achievements to go for the role, right away.

Instead, words like ‘lead’, ‘directed’ and ‘managed’ are ones that suggest an active involvement in any of the projects you mentioned. Stick to these and maintain the charm from the get go!

Tips are numerous and minute to mention. Nevertheless, these few will always help you craft an appropriate resume. Stick to the basics and mention what you have. There are plentiful jobs in the sector waiting for you.

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