How to Write a Flawless Accountant CV [Sample Included]?

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You might be an expert in maintaining accounts and calculating numbers but may freeze when you see a description for an accountant job in Dubai. This is not to say that your skills may be lacking but most accounting professionals do not feel confident about applying to a job because they struggle with creating a killer accounting CV. Since accounting is a competitive industry in the UAE, being called for a job interview is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible.

We have already covered accounting interview questions and answers here, so in this article, we will share tips and tricks on how to write a flawless accountant CV that stands out.



Key Skills to Add in an Accountant CV

In this section, we will majorly cover the key skills that you must add in your accountant CV. However, add only the ones that you genuinely have the exposure to so that you can justify your answers during the job interview.

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#1. Analytical Skills

Numerical ability and strong analytical skills are necessary for accountants looking for jobs. There is no substitute for these skills and you must figure out a way to highlight them in your accountant CV. The best way to display analytical abilities is to talk briefly about your achievements in the CV.


#2. Problem-Solving Skills

Professionals with previous work experience, especially those who are trying to climb up the corporate ladder, must have problem-solving skills. Providing examples of resolving complex issues in your previous organizations in your accountant CV is a good way of showing hiring managers what you can bring to their organization.


#3. Interpersonal Skills

Accountants need to work together not just with their immediate team members but also need to communicate with people from different departments. Therefore, interpersonal skills are essential to ensure that you are capable of establishing a strong professional relationship with your colleagues.


#4. Communication Skills

If you possess strong interpersonal skills, it means that you also have strong communication skills, especially verbal communication skills. However, it is important to have strong written communication skills as well, meaning that you can send across your message clearly and efficiently at the right time to the right people.

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#5. Organizational Skills

Time is of the essence to accountants and that is why you must emphasize your organizational or time management skills. As professionals, accountants need to multitask while competing with tight deadlines. You can highlight this by sharing examples of the different critical projects that were subject to deadlines that you have handled at your previous or current organization in your accountant CV.


#6. IT Skills

Big organizations due to the scale of their operations use accounting software to manage their business transactions. Such software are critical for ensuring that the accounting department functions efficiently and costly bookkeeping mistakes can be reduced. Therefore, having the knowledge of working on some of the popular accounting software and talking about the same in your accountant CV will help you grab the hiring manager’s attention.

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Key Components of an Accountant CV Format

No matter which accountant CV format you choose, the following components must be included without fail:


# Name and Contact Details

This is one of the most important information to be included in an accountant’s CV. If you are going to spend your time and effort in crafting an impressive CV, ensure that once it has done its job it must allow the hiring manager to reach out to you. Provide not just your full name and mobile number but also add your professional email ID as well as the link to your professional social profile as well.


# CV Heading

Most professionals combine CV heading with the profile summary and there is nothing wrong with doing that. However, creating these two separate sub-heading will help you explain your overall work experience more clearly. In the CV heading, you can talk about the number of years of work experience you have along with the different types of industries you have worked into.


# Profile Summary

In the profile summary section, you can highlight the different types of roles you have taken on along with the skills you possess. Adding this in your accountant CV will help hiring managers get a better idea of what you can bring to the table for them.


# Education

Hiring Managers are interested in knowing your academic background details such as from where did you do your college and in which year as well as which course did you take. Ensure to add a separate section specifically for your education in your accountant CV.


# Key Skills

In the previous segment of this article, we talked about the skills an accountant must add in their CVs to grab the attention of the hiring manager. One way, of course, is to write down real-life examples of situations that demonstrate the skills you have applied under different circumstances. Another effective way could be to add a separate section dedicated to talking about your key skills.


# Work Experience

Without a doubt, work experience is one of the most important components of an accountant’s CV. It helps the hiring managers to better understand the kind of work you have been doing as well as what you are capable of doing.


# Licenses and Certifications

You can either club this section with the academic background section or make it a separate section altogether. Adding all the accounting certifications or licenses you possess in your CV is one of the most effective ways of leaving a great impression on the hiring managers.


Accountant CV Sample

Here is a sample of an accountant CV you can refer to while creating your own:
Accountant CV Sample
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