How to Write a Thank You Letter (or Email) After Job Interview?

In this world of online job ads, mobile apps and social media networking, sending a thank you note to the recruiter or interviewer seems to be an old-fashioned idea. Isn’t it? If you think this way then you are wrong. It still means a lot and is the crucial final step in a successful interview process. Experts suggest sending a well-written and a short piece of a thank you email to each of your interviewers, as an acknowledgment of their time and effort. This shows that you are respectful of your interviewer’s time.

Here are some tips that will help you in writing a thank you email after the interview and explain all that you need to include in the same.


Send It within 24 Hours of the Interview

After you had your job interview, make sure to follow-up within 24 hours. It is always a good idea to send a follow-up letter or an email when the interviewer’s impression of you is still fresh in his/her mind. Recruiters nowadays have a habit of being persistent in their hiring campaigns, and thus conduct interviews every now and then. To ensure that your candidature is still going strong, send in your letter of gratitude through an email. Surely, this is something that will make you stand apart from rest of the candidates.

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Make it a Brief Wrap-Up of your Discussion

Without a doubt, you nailed the interview. Every element was kept in into consideration and questions were answered in the most professional way possible. However, owing to the fact that the recruiter has a number of candidates to gauge, keep in mind that you need to mention all the points discussed during the interview. Go ahead and express how strong-a-fit you make for the job role and the organization as a whole.

Highlight your skills and remind the interviewer why they should hire you.


Give It a Personal Touch

Again, there’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to writing a thank you letter. It is your free will to give it a personal touch and customize the body according to the role requirements. If you think you forgot to cover anything or want to give a clarification about anything that can affect the employer’s decision, this might be your chance to put forth your viewpoint.

Remember, whatever you do, abstain from going overboard. Present your case in the politest way possible.


Keep it Short and Error Free

Keep your thank you email concise and to-the-point. Focus on blunt details/points and summarize your job suitability in an error-free way. Your thank you note will leave a final and lasting impression on your hiring manager. It is important to ensure that the email is well drafted and error-free. Re-read it multiple times. If possible, you can get it proofread by someone who has a good command of English to save yourself from making any irrevocable mistakes.

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A Sample for Thank You Email after Interview

Still, if you feel the need to look up for samples that make the whole idea clear in your mind, here’s one that might suit your case. You can use this as reference material and tweak it according to your own convenience.

House No.42, Jebel Ali Zone
Dubai, The UAE

3rd March 2018

Senior HR Manager

Forsan Foods Pvt. Ltd
A-23, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai, The UAE


Dear Mr. [Name]

First of all, I would like to thank you for this great opportunity to interview for the position of a Finance Comptroller yesterday. Speaking with you was a real learning and insightful experience. Adding to the same, meeting other members of the team and learning more about this position was a valuable aspect as well.

It seems like a right match between my pertinent skills and the requirements for this position. As we discussed, you need someone with strong financial management skills, and I have 10 years of experience with various finance management applications devised for the same. Moreover, my former job as a financial analyst has provided the chance to hone all skills needed for the position.

Again, thanks a bunch for considering me for the role. Do let me know in case you have any questions or need more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Best Regards,

Faishal Ahmed

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