Answering the Interview Question: “Do You Have Any Questions for Us?”


At the end of a job interview, the interviewer usually asks something along the lines of, “Do you have any questions for us?” And you remain silent for a minute!


You thought it’s only the interviewer’s job to ask questions, so you were not prepared for this one.

Well, most of the job seekers do not know the right way to handle this interview question and the answer (bad one) is usually “NO”.

Have you ever thought why the interviewer asks you this question and why is it important to answer this, correctly?

Here’s the answer to all your questions.


Why to Answer?

Why asking questions to the employer matter and why should you answer it smartly is an important thing to understand. No matter what you said throughout the interview, those who end the conversation by answering this question leave the best impressions on employers. This is an opportunity not only for the employer to get the best candidate, but also for the job seeker to gauge if this is the right job/company to achieve your career goals.

So, never think that “I know it all” or “It is not good to ask the hiring manager any questions”. In fact, this is the right time when you can clarify not only the things about the job or company, but also make the recruiter feel that you are a bright and energetic person who wants to be a part of the organization.

In short, when you ask questions, it shows:

–You are interested in the job

–You are prepared and focused

–You are confident to clarify your doubts


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What Should be the Answer?

There’s no rule book to this. Ideally, what you may ask depends on your experience, knowledge and job role you are applying for. For instance, for a fresher, questions relating to work environment or job role seem logical, while for a senior position, asking more about the team and culture is appropriate. However, you really need to do your homework before asking anything. Before going for an interview, read what is mentioned on the company’s website about its business, products, management, values, mission and other important things.

Need not to say, there are a few illogical questions that one should never ask, such as “What does the company do?”, “How frequently can I get leaves for vacations?”, or “What will be my salary?” Asking such things gives an impression that you are more concerned about money and holidays than the job.


Here are the Top Questions that Candidates Should Ask the Interviewer.


  • What does a typical day in this role looks like?

    This question helps you understand and visualize the office dynamics, what would be the possible challenges for you and what will be the expectations from you in the given role.


    Is there anything which is not in the job description that I should know?

    Most of the job descriptions are short and not much elaborated. Asking this question allows you to understand even the hidden aspects of the job and prepares you for it. The employer also appreciates job seekers who are focused about their new job.


    What does success look like in this role, and how will my performance be evaluated against it?

    Instead of directly asking about growth prospects in this job, talking about how your success will be measured against this role and what will be the expectations is appropriate.


    Will there be any specific projects you would want me to work on?

    This is another good start to show how excited you are about the new role. The employer also gets an idea about your dedication for accepting the new challenges.

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    So, next time when you prepare all the possible answers for common job interview questions, don’t forget to prepare a list of “Questions that You Should Ask the Employer”.

    All the best!

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