How to Handle Pre-Job Interview Stress?

No matter how many interviews one has previously given, they are bound to feel a little nervous before appearing for the job interview at the company they have their eyes set on. Before we discuss ‘how to deal with stress?’ let’s first understand ‘why most people feel stressed?’ It could be because of the uncertainty about future possibilities. While you may find it difficult to understand how to avoid stress before the job interview, you absolutely must calm your nerves and rid yourself of anxiety. Otherwise, stress may get the better of you and ultimately affect your performance during the interview. To help you out, outlined below are some quick and easy tips on ‘how to handle stress’ before the job interview. Following these tips will help you feel relaxed before and during the interview.

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How to Deal with Stress?


1. Prepare thoroughly

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe

Although a little bit of anxiety in a stressful situation is healthy but too much of it won’t take you anywhere. Being thoroughly prepared is the best way to defeat pre-interview stress. So, study deeply about the company you are going to appear for the interview at and spend some time understanding the role you have applied for. Anticipate all the questions that you may get asked and prepare your answers well. In fact, practice your interview in front of a mirror. With so much preparation, you will automatically feel more confident on the day of the interview and your answers will sound more convincing.


2. Avoid looking desperate

Take interview just as what it is – an interview. Don’t make it your life goal or feel that your future depends on it completely. This is the main cause of pre-interview stress for most candidates. No matter how desperately you feel that you need a particular job, remember it’s just an opportunity which sure looks good on the paper but does not guarantee you anything. So, there is no point losing your sleep over it.


3. Get proper sleep

Many people face difficulty in getting sleep due to pre-interview stress as their minds are busy thinking how the interview will go. Don’t engross yourself too much thinking about or preparing for the interview. It is important that you get proper sleep not just one day but two days before the interview day. Try exercising vigorously as it will tire your body and put you to sleep instantly.


4. Decide what you’ll wear in advance

Keep your formal wear washed and ironed for the interview day well in advance. Most people figure out what to wear only on the day of the interview and get a shock of their lives the moment they learn that all their interview clothes are in the laundry. They ultimately wear something that is not appropriate for the interview. Proper attire can help you make a lasting first impression during the day of your job interview. Avoid any last minute surprises as leaving what you will wear on the day will only add to your pre-interview stress.

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5. Have a proper meal

Some people complain about not feeling hungry or not being able to eat anything before an interview. On the other hand, there are many who stress eat to calm their nerves. So, both these scenarios are not ideal and hamper your performance during the job interview. You never know how long the interview may last so ensure that you have a proper meal before heading out for the interview. It will keep your sugar level intact and prevent your stomach from growling. At the same time, don’t overeat either or you may feel heavy and uncomfortable during the job interview.


6. Reach the interview venue on time

Re-confirm about the venue and time a day before the interview so that you can plan your commute accordingly. Take a print out of the directions to the venue so that you don’t get lost or take a wrong route. Getting lost or running late also causes stress before the interview so avoid that at any cost. Make sure to reach the venue slightly early but not too early.


7. Take the entire day off

You don’t know how long the entire interview process may take. So, committing to your manager that you will reach office in the second half may not be very practical. If you don’t get free on time, your manager will start calling you to know your whereabouts. In this case, lying or not being able to take their calls will only add to your stress. So, it’s better to take an entire day off and go to the interview without having to worry about reaching your workplace on time or taking your manager’s calls.


8. Maintain a positive attitude

It’s true! Positive thinking not only calm your nerves it also pays in the end. Searching for a job can be brutal in many ways and even the brightest of candidates can feel bad about themselves due to the repeated rejections. Fretting over what happened in the past will only prevent you from seeing what makes you the perfect fit for the job in front of you. Once you are convinced about your own capabilities, you can convince anybody. Having a positive mind frame will help you deal with the pre-interview stress.


9. Relax yourself

Don’t know how to deal with stress? Use some of the relaxation techniques to trick your mind into thinking positive. There are plenty of things one can do to relax before an interview such as listening to music, doing breathing exercises, reading something positive or watching something light and entertaining over the Internet. It will instantly lighten up your mood and make you will feel confident.

The moment you get a call for an interview, you tend to think about what the opportunity means to you. And it could mean a lot of things to different people. For some it could be a great way to escape their current office, some may see it as an opportunity to increase their salary, or some may get too excited about the reduced distance they will have to travel each day ‘IF’ they get this job. However, your train of thoughts gets interrupted the moment the word “IF” enters your brain. You cannot help but feel anxious don’t know how to handle the stress. It all goes downhill from there as this two letter word has the potential to give you sleepless nights. All your dreams and hopes suddenly now depend on how the interview turns out and that’s when you start to fear “The Day”.

Following the tip shared above will definitely help you deal with the pre-interview stress. However, just remember that even if you commit a mistake during the job interview don’t dwell on it for long and carry on with the rest of the interview confidently. You cannot go back in time to change what’s already been done but you have absolute control over you can still do.


All the best!


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