Tips for 2021: How to Get a Job in Dubai?

Over the years, the Dubai job market has come a long way and become one of the top job destinations for job seekers globally. There is no dearth of job openings in Dubai across different domains, including Architecture, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Sales & Marketing, Insurance, and many others. The Dubai job market is flooded with employment opportunities, but successfully landing a job in Dubai requires identifying a proper channel. The channel might be anything such as your online recruiter, your references or anyone else.

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Before you begin the job search in Dubai, it is essential to first, understand the city’s economy and the factors that play an important role in its growth. It is also worth noting that Dubai has a multilingual market, which is very dynamic and can easily be adapted by both natives and expatriates.

How to Get a Job in Dubai?


Outlined below are some tips on ‘How to get a job in Dubai?’:


* Understand Your Market Well

Dubai’s job market is extremely competitive and expatriates constitute the major working population. However, after the introduction of the Emiratization policy, most companies have started giving preference to local candidates who are looking for work opportunities in Dubai. This may or may not have an impact on your job search.

You should also be aware of the current happening in the industry you are associated with or interested in as they may have an impact on the job market and related matters such as job opportunities, demand for the workforce, salary and compensation packages, etc.

Studying the job market will help you understand what market experts you need to acquire, build a strong network, and make informed decisions based on market realities.


* Find Legitimate Companies

While searching for a job in Dubai, look out for companies that have genuine web addresses. Do not trust companies that have not even purchased their domain name. When you have planned to change your job and move to some other country, then you must be confident about the company’s name and reputation that you are going to join. Read the company’s reviews online and seek genuine information about it. Take special note, if they are asking for money in any form, whether it is a registration fee, documentation fee or placement fee to work in Dubai. Beware of companies that are involved in such fraudulent activities.


* Prepare Well To Apply For Jobs In Dubai

Create a crisp and competitive resume as per UAE standards. This is especially important for those looking for fresher jobs in Dubai. If needed take professional resume writing services

Ensure that both, your resume and cover letter are industry and job-specific

Link your resume with your professional LinkedIn profile

Keep everything including your resume, experience certificates, copies of UAE attested certificates and other related documents handy and sorted

Mention contact details of your UAE reference, if any

Attach a passport size photo and mention your personal information at the top of the resume


Study the salary trends regarding your industry so that you are more realistic about your salary expectations. Keep yourself updated with the latest market updates, as this can be one of the best ways to get jobs in Dubai.

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* Actively Use Social & Professional Networks

Networks affect businesses, especially those that are representatives of their market reputation. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social and professional networks enable millions of users to be interconnected, and in turn, allow to significantly expanding their personal and professional contacts. It seems indisputable that networking is extremely important for professionals. Moreover, you should know how you can use it to your advantage while looking for work in Dubai? You must connect with people in your professional network regularly.

Please note that your profile picture and your public interactions are the impressions that you give to recruiters, so it is advisable not to post too festive photos or post updates that are too personal, at least on professional networking sites. At the same time, it is equally important to keep your profile updated. A static profile for months gives the feeling that you are an indolent or an uninterested professional. Participate in online discussions, share interesting content, write on forums, and show that yes, you are active on the Internet.

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* Get Recommended

Your colleagues or former heads speaking well about you on professional platforms is a point in your favor. You will benefit if you actively seek recommendations on social networks like LinkedIn. Seek recommendations from your friends or recommend them on social or professional networks to improve your visibility.

Thinking that employers do not care about referrals is wrong. The majority of the employers do contact the referee even before they call the candidate for a job interview. Also, keep this in mind that employers also perform a proper reference check. So ensure that the skills and things you are recommended for are all accurate and appropriate.


* Pay Attention to Important Requisites

Some of the most important things you must pay attention to are as follows:

You must have a valid passport

You must fall between the age range of 18 – 60 years

You must be medically fit to enter the country

The governments arrange for the screening of HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis or other communicable diseases. In case of any infection, you would not be allowed to enter and work in Dubai. You would also need to authenticate your degrees and certificates by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE as well as your home country. So be prepared to complete all the paperwork and formalities. Enquire about all the rules and follow everything religiously. The visa you will need to enter Dubai depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay. Understand the legal implications well and plan your job search accordingly.

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* Ensure to Follow up

After you have applied for the positions you are interested in, you should always send follow up emails without bothering the employers much. Let them know that you are in the city and available for interviews. Before you land in Dubai, ensure you have successfully secured some interviews with some of the prospective employers to save time.

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In a Nutshell

Always maintain a record of the positions and companies you have applied for so far. Track the progress regularly and follow up with hiring managers if needed. Keep yourself updated with the Dubai employment trends and fine-tune your resume as well as your cover letter. Do not just sit back waiting and thinking that opportunities will come your way. Work towards creating and grabbing opportunities as much as possible.


All the best for your Job Hunt!


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