How to Answer the Job Interview Question – “What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for this Position?”

What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for this Position

If you are all set to appear for a job interview, expect this question coming up in the middle or the end of your question and answer session. With so many candidates lined up for a single job, you need to be in the interviewers’ shoes and understand their psyche. They look for the most suitable candidates who perfectly fit their job description, and can perform well and have a long association with their company.

If the interviewer comes up this job interview question, “ What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for this Position?” then be asured that he/she is looking forward to understand how well you can “sell” yourself, and what are your related qualifications and experiences. It’s up to you to convince your interviewer that –


You can achieve desirable and exceptional results.

You will brings value added experience to the company

You will be a great team player and a valuable asset to the team

You are a smart professional


There are a few ways to deal with his question-

Highlight your unique skills and things that keep you ahead of your competition

Explain how your personality or personal traits make you an ideal candidate


It really doesn’t matter which route you take, emphasize the qualities that make you unique.

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Good Answers To The Job Interview Question ‘What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for This Position?”


  • Fresher

“I have the zeal and the attitude to excel in this role. With an internship experience of over 1 year, I have been learning a lot of new things which can help me perform better and contribute to the business. My seniors were quite happy about the way I have dealt with a prevailing issue and came up with a viable solution for that. I even got appreciation from the project manager for this. I am a hard working individual, who is driven by goals and aim to deliver my best to the company.”


  • Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

“I have an experience of five years in the customer service domain and have been managing a team of 20 executives. I am a competitive professional who is driven by goals with complete dedication and enthusiasm. With the team efforts, I and my team over achieved the sales targets by 50% last year and we were awarded as the most promising team in our company. I am a good communicator and people look up on me if they want to delegate any new responsibility or need any solution to any problem. I look forward to contribute to the business in the similar manner here.”


  • Project Management/Business Management

“I am very passionate about my work and ensure time delivery of the tasks, while maintaining high quality standards. People consider me as a good leader and I have great relationships with everyone in the business, be it my subordinates, mentors, vendors or senior management.”

I have the skills and experience which you are looking for this particular position and I am confident that I will bring some value to your business in this project management role. With an experience of working with the top companies of the domain, I have the valuable insights of the business which can be helpful for the company.”


  • Matching Your Qualifications to the Job

It is mandatory for you to match your skill sets and qualifications to the position you have applied for, both on your resume, and while replying to your interviewer. Take a moment to read the job description carefully and then make a list of the skills and experience related to it. Select some of the skills and personality traits to define yourself as a interview quest suitable candidate. If you have an additional certification, that could be an added advantage, leverage every bit of the opportunity offered and also reiterate your interest to the company.

For example, if the job description suggests that the person needs to be good at interpersonal communication then be assured that you should mention about your communication skills, so that your reply and job description are in sync.


  • Frame a Crisp Answer

Be authentic and honest. Never try to sell your skills like a salesman and come up with cheesy lines by exaggerating your experiences or knowledge. Always be natural and neutral.


  • Focus on Your Uniqueness

Well, you never know what the other candidates have spoken in their interviews. It can be a good idea to read the common interview questions and answers online, and chalk out what answers other candidates might come up with. You can also relate this question to your current work place and see how different you are from your other candidates, and what qualities made you a unique professional.


  • Illustrate Your Qualifications Using Anecdotes

For every qualification, cite a suitable example. Just by mentioning your skills and qualifications, things won’t work. Here you would need to come up with concrete examples or evidences about how you made a difference at your workplace and how your skill sets helped to achieve this feat.

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  • Know About the Company

Always do your homework before appearing for any interview. The more you know about the company, the stronger your answer will be. Understand what type of products or services the company offers, what are its work ethics, how strong is its social media presence, and what are the latest news related to the company. Your interviewer will definitely like the fact that you have come well-prepared.

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In a Nutshell

It is your chance to shine in front of the interviewer, so never take this job interview question lightly. You don’t need to be over-confident and keep on boasting about yourself. Just be humble and subtle and keep yourself comfortable and confident while replying. It is always a good idea to stick to the facts and figures. If you have the data, nothing is better than this. Present yourself well before the interviewers and impress them with your smart and logical replies.


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