How to Answer Common Engineering Interview Questions?

Engineering Interview Questions

Engineering is one of the most sought-after jobs and engineers are in high demand in the UAE. There are thousands of engineering jobs posted on itself. The credit for this positive scenario can be attributed to the tremendous growth efforts the country has undertaken so far and there is no stopping. Over the last few decades, United Arab Emirates has seen development across all spheres, especially the infrastructure, construction, and technology sectors. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the number of engineering jobs in the UAE has gone up.

Some of the most in-demand engineering domain jobs are Software Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers. If you are preparing for a job interview for any one of these engineering domains, we have curated a list of common engineering interview question with answers for each domain.

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5 Most Common Interview Questions for Software Engineers

Software Engineers who are looking for jobs must prepare the following five most commonly asked interview questions:


1. Do you code on a daily basis? If no, what is typical in your current role?

Coding is the most critical skill for any software engineer should have. While already employed professionals write codes on a daily basis, freshers must keep practicing and learn the coding tricks to stay ahead in the game. Those working in managerial roles may or may not code on a regular basis and should talk about the roles and responsibilities critical to their current job.


2. What programming languages do you know and have you used in the past? Which are your favorite programming languages?

This common software engineering interview question is asked to judge how many programming languages the candidate knows and how capable and willing s/he is about learning new languages. While answering, emphasize more on your programming knowledge and level of proficiency.


3. Do you have experience with a certain coding language/technology we use at our company?

The best way to answer this software engineering interview question is by being honest. Even if you don’t have much experience in a particular language used at the company, just tell them so. Lying will not work here as you might not make it through to the technical interview. Instead, talk about the languages you are familiar with and express that you are eager and passionate about learning new languages.


4. What languages do you use for complex algorithms?

Every software programmer has a preferred programming language which they like to code with, but knowing at least two popular ones such as C, C++, etc., certainly helps. This will show your agility, versatility, and willingness to learn new languages. Emphasize the importance of writing simple, clean and lean codes and explain how your preferred language helps in doing that.


5. Which is that one project you are most proud of and why?

You don’t need to share about the time when you tried building something as huge as the Facebook to impress the interviewer. This is your opportunity to shine.  Tell the interviewer about your achievements, expertise in coding, and how you utilize it for your own as well as the business’s benefit. You can talk about a project where you built a simple app using a programming language that you previously had no experience or a software solution that fulfilled a genuine need.


5 Most Common Interview Questions for Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers looking for jobs must prepare the following five most commonly asked interview questions:


1. What motivated you to become a Civil Engineer?

This interview question is asked to understand how passionate and serious you are for this career path. You can talk about your love for mathematics or passion for building things from scratch and explain how civil engineering serves your interests. Many people take up civil engineering as it allows them to make a real contribution to the infrastructural development of a nation. If you are one of those people, you can quote the same reason during the job interview.


2. What key characteristics a civil engineer must possess? Do you have these attributes?

This common interview question helps the interviewer evaluate how well you understand the roles and responsibilities as well as what is necessary to be successful on the job. The second part of the question will allow you to emphasize the traits you possess and how they have helped you perform your job successfully. Some of the most important skills you can include in your answer are leadership skills, communication skills, critical thinking, technical skills, project management, and visualization skills.


3. What, according to you, should be the number one priority of a civil engineer?

To answer this the best, you should have an understanding of the company’s values and the mission statement. Once you have this knowledge, include the same in your answer so that it is more relatable for the interviewer. Genuine and sincere answers never fail to leave a lasting impression on the employers.


4. What are the major challenges an architect has to tackle?

If you have been in the business for some time, you will know the challenges from your experience. Some common challenges faced by the architect include lack of clarity about what the client expects, limited budget, limited space, subjective nature of creativity judgments, etc.

Fresh graduates may or may not have any personal experience but must have learned about the challenges during their college.


5. Why do you want to work for our company?

This interview question helps the employer understand how well you have researched about the company. Your answer should include all the unique attributes of the company that make it different from others. In addition, you should also mention your reasons for seeking employment there, which may range from excellent job profile, good work environment, good growth prospects, learning and development, challenging work opportunities, etc. However, remember to not to mention about the salary even if it is one of the motivators for you to join that company.

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5 Most Common Interview Questions for Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers looking for jobs must prepare the following five most commonly asked interview questions:


1. From which institution did you complete your electrical engineering degree(s)? Which were your favorite classes?

This is one of the commonly asked interview questions for freshers from the electrical engineering background. How you performed during your graduation/post-graduation is a good enough measure for the interviewer to understand how well you will perform on the job. It also helps them to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. Mention about your favorite subjects and some projects that you had done.


2. What field do you specialize into within electrical engineering: industrial, residential, or any other?

This is easy to answer for those who have a prior work experience in any of the specific fields of electrical engineering. Your answer should include nomenclature pertaining to the specific electrical engineering you specialize in, specific details of the projects you have worked on, etc.


3. Which electrical engineering computer software are you conversant with?

Almost all electrical engineering jobs require engineers to be proficiency in at least one software. Employers ask this interview question to understand how familiar you are with one or more software and how quickly you can learn a software.


4. What projects have you worked on? What are your roles and responsibilities in the current job?

This question is asked to candidates who apply for managerial positions. Employer evaluates your experience by understanding the different types of complex projects you have worked on.  Mention the complex projects you had undertaken in the past in your answer. Also, emphasize on your team handling capabilities to show that you do possess the much-needed leadership skills required to perform your job well.


5. Are You a Computer Expert?

Technological adeptness is one of the most crucial skills employers look for while hiring electrical engineers. Your answer should not only include the name of the different software you are familiar with, you should also talk about the lesser-known features of the software. Such answers sound genuine and help the interviewer gain trust in your capabilities.


5 Most Common Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers looking for jobs must prepare the following five most commonly asked interview questions:


1. What was the first thing you designed?

For employers, an ideal candidate for a mechanical engineering role is the one who is passionate about work. Great mechanical engineers are known for constantly creating things since their younger years. Interviewers ask this question to understand a candidate’s history with engineering, design, and innovation. While answering this question, you can even share a childhood memory of designing something as simple as a toy car from scrap.


2. Pick any engineering concept or problem that’s most likely to come up during a workday and explain it to me as if I am from a non-engineering background?

Your job may require you to communicate with and explain technical problems/challenges/solutions to people in different departments. To be able to that without any problem, strong communication skills are a must. Such interview questions help interviewers evaluate your ability to explain complex topics in an easy to understand generic terms. Answer tactfully and wisely.


3. How do you see your career developing over the next five years?

The interviewer wants to know how eager you are to excel in the role being offered. S/he also wants to know whether you see yourself working and growing within the organization. Your answer should reflect that you do have a sense of direction and know where you want to take your career in the coming years. Freshers can think of answering like this, ‘With time, I will expand my skillset that would help me become a well-rounded professional. Few years down the line, I see myself taking an end to end accountability for projects.’

For experienced electrical engineers, the answer could be like, ‘I am looking forward to spending the next five years in an organization where I can see myself utilizing my knowledge to yield better outcomes. Hopefully, within 5 years, I would also love to demonstrate my leadership capabilities.’

However, at any level, avoid answering like ‘I see myself holding a prestigious position in the company’ or ‘I will be seeing myself running my own company’. Such answers are considered insincere and immature.

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4. Why do you want this job?

This is one of the most common interview questions asked not only to mechanical engineers but to professionals across professions. Mechanical engineers should answer this question in a manner that it highlights how well their own ambitions and career goals align with the company’s goals and objectives. You can also talk about the roles and responsibilities mentioned in the job posting that attracted you to apply for the job. Read More


5. Why do you think your existing experience/education puts you in a good position for this role?

Think from an interviewer’s perspective. S/he wants to hire the best candidate from a sea of candidates who are equally qualified for the job. Here you need to set yourself apart from the others. To prepare an answer to this common engineering interview question, you can talk your past professional accomplishments, the challenges currently faced by the company and how you can assist in resolving these challenges.

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5 Most Common Interview Questions for Information Technology (IT) Engineers

IT Engineers looking for jobs must prepare the following five most commonly asked interview questions:


1. Name some of the desktop operating systems you are familiar with.

The ideal answer to this interview question would be to tell the interviewer that you are familiar with the operating systems used at their organization. If you know somebody working in the organization you are about to interview at, ask them about this information and see whether you have worked with the system or not. However, simply claiming that you are familiar with the operating systems used by the organization you are hoping to join will not be beneficial. You must actually be familiar with the operating systems. While answering this IT interview question, mention the systems the interviewer wants to hear, but also mention other systems you previously worked with.


2. In recent times, what are some of the important industry trends you have seen?

Interviewers ask this interview question to test your knowledge about the industry. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on everything new that is happening in your industry. With the help of the Internet, gathering this information is quite easy. Do not limit your knowledge to only technological developments taking place in the industry. You must also be aware of the economic challenges as well as changes taking place in the market so that you have a complete picture of what is happening in the IT industry.


3. How do you keep yourself up-to-date about the new developments in technology?

The preparation you would do for answering the previous question will help answer this interview question as well. All you have to do is answer honestly by mentioning all your sources of information. It could be attending industry-specific seminars, taking relevant courses, subscribing to trade journals & magazines related to the IT industry, and exchanging knowledge with people from your social network.


4. What part of the IT support job that you like the most?

Every job regardless of the industry gets slightly monotonous after a point of time. The interviewer asks this question to test the motivation of the candidate. The best way to answer this interview question by simply match your response with the job. You can talk about aspects such as the challenges of working with new systems, meeting new people and serving clients to the best of your ability.


5. What expectations do you have from this position in terms of salary?

The question regarding salary expectation is one of the most delicate topics. Sure, there are various ways of answering this interview question, but it still needs even the most seasoned professions to deal with it tactfully. You can base your answer on industry norms or say that you cannot give a realistic answer until you know more details of the job. You should neither undersell yourself nor quote a number that is too high and unrealistic. Whichever approach you choose to answer this interview question, just ensure your answer does not make you sound like someone to whom the topic of salary is unimportant.

Hope this resource will help you prepare well for engineering job interviews. You can find more interview tips here.

All the best!


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